Summer PWD

10 Songs For Your Summer Soundtrack

What are you go-to Summer songs?

As we come to the realisation that there won’t be many more super sunny days (if we’re lucky) left to enjoy/moan about in the UK for much longer, we ought to make the most out of the Summer soundtrack – Which doesn’t alwayyys consist on just wall to wall pop punk you know 😉 Although that 100% isn’t a bad thing.

Which songs do you tend to put on when the sun comes out?


1.  Parkway Drive – ‘Karma’

Their finest video of all time if you ask us.


2. Neck Deep – ‘Gold Steps’

Pop punk party by the water – Neck Deep have the right idea. Just a shame there won’t be too many more of these kinda days to enjoy in the UK…


3. Blink-182 – ‘Feeling This’ 

Old Blink is always a good sunny go-to…


4. Weezer – ‘Island In The Sun’ 

If by this point in the list you’re not already happy, this song & video should rectify that immediately.


5. Set Your Goals – ‘Summer Jam’

Set Your Goals though! This just transports us right to our happy place.


6. The Ataris – ‘The Boys of Summer’

One of the best covers ever (strong statement, but you know we’re right)…


7. State Champs – ‘Elevated’ 

The champions of feel-good music.


8. Rammstein – ‘Mein Land’ 

A Rammstein beach party is no normal party that’s for sure.


9.  Deftones – ‘My Own Summer’

There’s never a bad time to enjoy this song.


10.  Periphery – ‘The Summer Jam’

Obviously a good one to end on!