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7 Album Releases We’re Looking Forward To In 2017

So much good music is on the way

From a heavyyy dose of pop punk to yet more epicness in the form of 30stm & ABR coming our way, it’s truly a good year for new music (and that’s an understatement)….


August Burns Red

PHANTOM ANTHEM will be August Burns Red‘s 7th full length album and judging by the first single off the release, they appear to have kicked things up a gear. Not only do we now just see it as “normal” ABR behaviour when they go and turn themselves into marionettes for a music video, but even the sheer riffs are just expected … AND WE LOVE IT.  If the rest of the album is as epic as ‘Invisible Enemy’ is, we’ll be veryyyyyyy happy indeed.


Knuckle Puck

Yet another October release, this time from a pop punk staple aka Knuckle Puck. We can always rely on this band to continue making the same quality of music – What do you make of ‘Gone’?


Being As An Ocean

Whilst we’re still awaiting confirmation as to when the release of WAITING FOR MORNING TO COME will actually be, nor have we been given much music to get our teeth stuck into, regardless we know Being As An Ocean will be bringing the raw emotions that we love them for on their new album.


Neck Deep

More pop punk goodness? Yeah you know Neck Deep aren’t gonna slack on that statement. For us, it’s been a steady uphill climb in terms of their quality of production, ability to seemingly write the hooks that have really kept the band at the top end of our favourite pop punk bands list – Keep doing what you’re doing ND.



Same goes for PVRIS – A band who’s quality has seemingly got better (if that was even possible) from WHITE NOISE (an album we admittedly rinsed), so naturally we’re definately excited to have another release from the band to play endlessly.


30 Seconds To Mars

Sure, we’ve been teased to the high heavens from Mr Leto regarding the new album, we’re definately crossing our fingers that we can expect 30 Seconds To Mars’s next album to come out this year because lord knows we need some more of their epicness in our lives…

30stm release



By this point in the list, I think you could already predict how we’re going to describe this particular release.  Ever since COLOR BLIND we’ve admittedly been a little head over heels about Seaway – You know how we said it’s going to be a good year for new music… well this is one of the big reasons why in our books. Yes Seaboiz come through!