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5 Bands That We Wish Were Still Together

First world problems indeed…

Sometimes bands just don’t work out and that’s fine, changes/clashes in personalities, tastes and even health concerns can mean that a band have to press stop. However, their farewell seems to come far too soon for us. Here’s just a few bands we truly wish were still together creating magical music. Let us know which particular bands you’re missing too!


Modern Baseball 

Having had to say goodbye due to mental health concerns, whilst we’re sad that Modern Baseball had to call it a day… it’s in instances like that that we can’t really be mad at them for coming to an end – Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!


Funeral For A Friend 

Whilst we fully enjoyed the fact that they played their farewell tour with HOURS and CASUALLY DRESSED & DEEP IN CONVERSATION in full, it was all too bittersweet for us. Funeral For A Friend were always an unbelievable band live and on record, sound-tracking a lot of our early music taste, we’re pretty sure we’ll never get over the fact that they’re no more…


Have Heart

Some days we’ll just find ourselves revisiting their last show Youtube video.


My Chemical Romance 

If a reunion were to ever happen, it’s safe to say the internet is more than ready to implode.  Regardless of whether you detest them or not, there’s A LOT of people (including us) that count MCR as a big part of their teenage years – So any sign of Gerard and co. getting back together would make us so very happy.


Last but not least, the one we really miss the most. Still Remains still continue to be one of our favourite bands, regardless of the fact that they’re not together anymore. Back in the day we were well and truly obsessed with this lot – From THE SERPENT to OF LOVE & LUNACY (but basically every single one of their albums), we just can’t fault their sound. Having not been active for the past 3 years since the release of CEASING TO BREATHE, here’s hoping they start back some activity in the not too distant future…