Can You Describe Yourself In 3 Albums? Here’s Our Choices…

Which three albums best describe you?

To be honest, we thought describing ourselves in 3 albums would be a hard task! However, it was easier than we initially thought…

Probably 3 of our most listened to albums over the years, we’d honestly like to think we’ll still be listening to all of them in another 10 years time! I mean, Finch’s WHAT IT IS TO BURN is already over 14 years old as it is, here’s hoping another decade ages the album ever better! Be sure to tell us your picks for which albums best describe you… we’re intrigued!


1) Finch – ‘What It Is To Burn’


Now, if you’ve been following us for a bit you’ll no doubt notice we do tend to share a lot of old music videos on our Facebook. Much like us all, we do enjoy a good throwback! Take for example: Finch’s WHAT IT IS TO BURN, Aiden’s DIE ROMANTIC, Thrice‘s VHEISSU, Bullet For My Valentine‘s THE POISON… you name it, the more nostalgic the better.



2) A Day To Remember – ‘Homesick’


See, we balance out the overwhelming amount of emo within us with some ADTR.  The album’s heavy when it needs to be and can put us in a hell of a good mood just by hearing the first 6 seconds of ‘The Downfall of Us All’.



3) Reuben – ‘Racecar Is Racecar Backwards’


Just the right amount of quirky and damn catchy songs – Sadly we got into Reuben after they split, however that hasn’t stopped us from falling in love with this album in particular.  Reuben aren’t for everybody, but for those who do enjoy them it’s like we’re all part of a not so secret club (or at least that’s what I like to think).

So there’s our 3, what 3 albums best describe you?