Lionheart Announce Their Comeback – “We probably never should have broken up in the first place”

They’re baaaaack

Last May Lionheart made the announcement that they were to be no more – After completing a small run of some final US shows, a split and another EP, we thought that was the last we’d see of the band. However, fast forward to today and the band are surprisingly announcing their comeback! Naturally we had to take this opportunity to ask them about their reasons for doing so…



The most obvious question first: You announced your break up more than a year ago – What’re you reasons for the comeback? 

Honestly, everyone just misses it. We probably never should have broken up in the first place, but that’s how relationships go sometimes. We’ve been a band for 13 years now, and that’s a long time for any relationship. You have your ups and downs. After a while people just get sick of each other, they fight, they get overwhelmed, and all of a sudden everyone just wants to take a step back. So that’s what we did. No one was expecting to want to play again, but after having time away everyone just realized that the bullshit we had going on between us was just bullshit and we missed the band.



Can you talk us through the process of how you came to the decision of returning: When did you first start thinking about it? Were there any doubts to do so?

When we broke up, we meant it. Everyone felt like they needed a break from everyone else. We all have families, lives, and careers outside of the band and it just became hard to manage. Evan and I were still writing and thinking about doing a side project, but everything we wrote just felt like Lionheart so we said: “Fuck it. Let’s talk to the other guys and just figure this shit out.” There were obviously doubts because we had just broken up and played all our final tours, so yeah we were hesitant. But at the end of the day, it’s our band and we can fuck up as much as we want. We’ve been fucking up for 13 years so we might as well break up and then come back again. Like I said, when we broke up we meant it. Everyone was burnt out. 13 years is a long time. But sometimes you don’t know how much you love something until it’s gone, and I think everyone has been there before. That’s all this is.



What have you missed the most over these past months without Lionheart? 

Nerds talking shit online whenever we have a tour or album announced. Our group chats are full of screenshots of all the weird shit people say. That stuff is gold.



What are you most looking forward to doing with the band? 

Just getting back out there and playing some shows. By the time we get back it will have been a full year off which is the most time off of shows we’ve ever taken.



What are your plans? Will this be a “short term” comeback to do some shows or a “real” comeback with a new album etc.? 

We will never be a full time band again. It’s just not possible for us. We’d love to get out there and play some shows as much as we can, but we won’t be touring all year round again any time soon.


We’re excited to see what the band have in store for us!