Impericon x Sam Carter Spotify Playlist

There’s no denying that Architects have done some relentless touring since the release of their latest album. Touring is a hard slog, anyone will tell you that and when you’re in a band that plays heavy music a lot of the time you don’t want to listen to heavy music when you’re trying to unwind. Sam Carter is the same, the frontman likes to chill out with some of his favourite relaxing music.

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To kick start our series of curated playlists Sam has been so kind to put together a playlist for us with some of his current favourites for when he’s looking to chill out.

‘What’s up!

Here’s my playlist for anyone’s that’s had a hard day and just needs to sit back and relax. I hope you enjoy the bands I’ve put on here and that you give it a chance to put you in the most relaxed/chilled mood possible.

Sam Carter ‘


  • Tycho – Dive
  • Andy Shauf – Jenny Come Home
  • Doe Paoro – Growth/Decay
  • Blood Orange – Chamakay
  • Helios – If Everything Was Given
  • Son Little – Lay Down
  • The Japanese House – Cool Blue
  • Astronauts,etc. – Mystery Colors
  • Bones Owens – Hurt No One
  • Beck – Morning
  • CHINAH – Minds
  • Pink Floyd – Breathed
  • Gregory Alan Isakov – The Universe
  • Lana Del Ray – Honeymoon
  • Mac Demarco – A Heart Like Hers
  • Pops Stables – Friendship
  • William Fitzsimmons – Fade And Then Return
  • Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Collapse
  • Nathaniel Rateliff – Laughter
  • Washed Out – Soft
  • Bon Ivor – Perth

Listen below: