Parkway: “We’re Probably 70% of the way through recording new material at the moment”

Two words to get us excited? New Parkway…

In a  short but sweet recent interview, the lovable Aussie’s confirmed they’re 70% of the way through recording for their new album – But what you’re all thinking is what to expect…

“We’ve gone even further with new ideas. But things that we have always loved about the band, we’ve just made sharper and more aggressive and have more impact and more statement to them. So we’re not leaving things behind, but we’re definitely not staying in the same place.”

Of course we’re not holding out breath to hear any of the new material anytime soon, but I think it’s safe to say whatever we do hear… it’ll slay.  What would you like to hear on the next Parkway album? More of what IRE had to offer perhaps?