Say Goodbye To Moshpits, There’s Now “Safe Spaces” Instead…

Safe Space > Moshpit ?

According to an article that popped up on The Guardian today, writer Hannah Ewens argues that moshpits will soon be no more and instead bands are opting to ban them and introduce instead “safe spaces” in order to make gigs less intimidating for female fans.

“In hardcore and metal scenes, a lively moshpit is still the real indicator of a successful show. But rock has been changing over the past couple of years – notably by listening to women within its factions. Punk has long claimed to be about community while, at the same time, managing to marginalise minorities. Yet the scene does now seem to be actually changing. DIY punk groups such as PWR BTTM, Diet Cig and Adult Mom have introduced safe spaces at their shows – and moshpits have often been the first casualties.”


Yet whilst her argument might be supported by these DIY punk groups, she argues that the majority of defenders of the moshpit are in fact “usually straight men.” “Most women I know who go to shows are either agnostic or hate them. Yet, the majority of rock bands want moshpits to stay.”

While She Sleeps’s Sean Long even weighed in on the matter in support of the moshpit:

“Moshpits are so accepted and popular in our scene because these people don’t have that outlet in real life,” … “Some fans are bottled up with emotions; without expressing them, you might end up depressed or angrier. Shows can be quite an experience for people who are suffering.”


Additionally, you could also argue that one of the main arguments for having these “safe spaces” is to reduce the occurrence of sexual harassment at gigs, something of which we know Frank Carter strongly backs:

So what are your thoughts, maybe the idea of cutting out moshpits altogether is a bit extreme… but what other solution would you as a gig goer be happy with instead?