As I Lay Dying

Tim Lambesis Working On As I Lay Dying Comeback w/ New Members

It’s been short of three months since As I Lay Dying and Lambesis announced the simple update of “activity” …

Ever since the band posted the ever cryptic update of just the word “Activity” on their Facebook back in June (Lambesis also posting the same on his social media), naturally it has stirred up quite the discussion as to the future of As I Lay Dying.

Now according to a source “familiar with the situation” aka a Tim Lambesis comeback, it’s being reported that Lambesis’s plans to reignite the AILD camp will not involve the previous members of the band, with instead new members joining the frontman.

Of course it’s also being reported that the band are “working on new material” – Something of which we’re still at a loss as to how we truly feel about this as of course the idea of Lambesis back performing will stir up quite the emotions among of lot of AILD fans.

How do you feel about it? Would you welcome his return?