Mark Morton von Lamb Of God veröffentlicht neues Lyric-Video mit Chester Bennington

Lamb Of God-Gitarrist Mark Morton hat ein Lyric-Video zu dem Song „Cross Off“ veröffentlicht, in dem der verstorbene Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) den Gesang lieferte.

Beim Solodebütalbum ANESTHETIC sind mehrere Gastkünstler (u.a. Roy Mayorga von Stone Sour, Alissa White-Gluz von Arch Enemy und Jacoby Shaddix von Papa Roach)  zu hören, Morton sagt über die Zusammenarbeit mit Chester Bennington folgendes:

Chester Bennington. He just had a lot of creative input at the ready when he came into the studio. That was my initial like, ‘Wow’. He had told me he really liked the song, and we had communicated, but I’d never really hung out with Chester until when we started tracking.

I was really impressed for a guy at his level, at the place in the career he was at, someone of his stature and celebrity, to have that level of humility and commitment to come in there and treat this like it would be a Linkin Park song, or his own song or whatever.

I was pretty blown away by that. And it was immediate. Fifteen minutes after we met, we were standing over a table, one on either side, each with scraps of paper and pencil, crossing off words and trying different rhyme schemes and stuff.

And then after the track was laid out, then we took a breath and started talking about more personal stuff – real-life shit. And yeah… he surprised me the most.

Bass und Schlagzeug spielten Paolo Gregoletto und Alex Bent von Trivium ein. Die vollständige Tracklist des Albums ANESTHETIC, welches am 1. März 2019 erscheinen wird, lautet wie folgt:

  1. Cross Off (mit Chester Bennington von Linkin Park)  
  2. Sworn Apart (mit Jacoby Shaddix von Papa Roach)
  3. Axis (mit Mark Lanegan)
  4. The Never (mit  Chuck Billy von Testament, Jake Oni von Oni, David Ellefson von Megadeth und Roy Mayorga von Stone Sour)
  5. Save Defiance (mit Myles Kennedy von Alter Bridge)
  6. Blur (mit Mark Morales von The Fat Boys)
  7. Back From The Dead (mit Josh Todd van Buckcherry)
  8. Reveal (mit Naeemah Z. Maddox)
  9. Imaginary Days
  10. The Truth Is Dead (mit Randy Blythe von Lamb Of God, Alissa White-Gluz von Arch Enemy, David Ellefson von Megadeth und Roy Mayorga van Stone Sour)

Checkt hier das Video von Mark Morton mit Chester Bennington:

Desweiteren findet ihr hier das Video mit Alissa White-Gluz von Arch Enemy:

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