Northlane veröffentlichen Statement zum neuen Sänger Marcus Bridge

Northlane haben kurz nach der Bekanntgabe ihres neuen Sängers Marcus Bridge ein Statement veröffentlicht und haben eine Doku vorbereitet, in der sie ihre Suche nach einem neuen Frontmann schildern. Lest das Statement hier und schaut euch das Video an:

We are proud to welcome Marcus Bridge to the Northlane family as our new vocalist. Marcus gave an outstanding audition video and as we spent time with him we found that he was truly the best person for the job.

While we had planned as far back as May to be releasing a single on November 21, it’s been an extremely difficult process to make happen. The fact that we got this done in time is a minor miracle. We’ve never had so much trouble and given so much time and attention to a track before.

Six weeks ago, Northlane didn’t have a vocalist and we didn’t know where to go with our writing, not knowing who would be singing on the new material. But we vowed to find the most unique talent we could, and someone that could help us expand on our sound. Northlane has always been about progression, and we saw our situation as an opportunity. This was never going to be easy, but we took a leap of faith and made the only decision that felt right. And we feel the results will show you just how good our music can be.

We can’t express enough just how proud we are of Marcus, and how stoked we are to be making music with him. ‚Rot‘ is only our first time working together, but It felt right. In March we will have a chance to record an entire album with him, and we couldn’t be more excited for what will come of it. He’s progressed out of sight since he came into the fold, so we can’t wait to see and hear what he will be able to do given a few months.

Now Marcus will be heading on the road with us, playing 21 shows in rooms up to thousands of people across Europe and the UK with Parkway Drive, before coming home to play to 3500 people at UNIFY. He hasn’t really played to more than a few hundred before. Trial by fire is always the best show of someone’s strength. We’re really throwing him in the deep end but he’s got what it takes.

Check out this video we made of us recording ‚Rot‘ as a way to convey our feelings about everything that has happened recently. And thanks for sticking by us through the hardest challenge we’ve ever faced in our career. We wouldn’t have made it out the other side without your ongoing love and support, and we feel stronger and more inspired than we ever have.


Natürlich spielen Northlane weiterhin die Tour des Jahres – und das solltet ihr auf keinen Fall verpassen.