Q&A mit Obey The Brave

Wir haben 4 Fragen an Obey The Brave gestellt! Lest das ganze Interview mit Alex Erian hier 👇

1. What keeps you/the band in Balance?

On a personal level, this past year was a difficult one for me.  Lots of major life changing events have surfaced and writing this album has been my outlet to cope with it all.  I’ve been writing, recording and touring my entire adult life.  As an introvert, music has given me the opportunity to express myself, speak my mind and deal with all sorts of obstacles, transforming all of that negative energy into something constructive.  This record is about putting some order in all of that chaos and finding that middle ground between our good and bad impulses.  I encourage you all to get out of that comfort zone and find that one thing that brings BALANCE to your life.


2. Since you are almost touring the whole year. Where do you find time to write music and was it a different way to approach a new record without being put under pressure through a label?

My friends and I have been blessed with the opportunity to tour the world and have released 4 albums in the past 7 years.  Finding time to write has always been a challenge.  Half of the band lives in Ottawa and the other half lives in Montreal, 250 km away, so the distance does make it difficult.  Revisiting our previous records, we do feel like this may have negatively affected the writing process on certain songs so we wanted to make sure not to repeat the same mistakes on „Balance“.  We opted for quality over quantity, which explains why the album only lasts 26 minutes.  All killer, no filler haha  We spent a lot more time in the studio this time around perfecting everything and it was also our first time writing with a producer.  We learned a lot from working with Paul Marc Rousseau of Silverstein and are thankful for his contribution on this record.  The pressure to please our fans, our team and ourselves will always be present.  We all go through it in various spheres of life.  It’ll never go away.  „Balance“ is all about how we handle that pressure and how we can use it as a motivating force.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

3. Does the red color theme have a deeper meaning for the record Balance or why did you choose this color? 

The colour red represents danger and/or a sense of urgency.  Something that must be acknowledged right away in order to avoid catastrophic repercussions.  Our single „Seeing Red“ is also a direct reference to that.  If you want to dig deeper, red is also the main colour on the Canadian flag so it also represents our roots and heritage.  But let’s not try to over-rationalize everything, we mainly picked red cause it looked cool lol

4. Alex, from The Crimson Syndicate to Despised Icon to Obey The Brave, you were never limited to one genre of music. Are there any limits for you in music or do you just create music that feels true for you?

Man, I don’t know why people still bring up The Crimson Syndicate.  That was a thing for only like 6 months on Myspace haha  Growing up, I never considered myself a metalhead or a hardcore kid.  I’ve always just loved music in general.  Variety is the spice of life.  What I write comes from the heart.  I don’t restrict myself to any conventions.  That’s why, unlike most metalcore bands, OTB has a lot of hardcore/punk influences.  That’s also why no band sounded like DI when we first started out 17 years ago.  If you listen to my vocal flow, it’s all hip hop haha  Just do what feels right to you xx