10 Of The Best 90’s Punk Songs

The 90’s was an incredible decade for music, not least the punk rock scene which churned out some amazing artists and albums. Whilst the genre has been divided up and in some sections watered down a lot of these bands have stood the test of time, some are even enjoying a revival. There’s so many timeless classics and here are our favourites.


1. Green Day – Basket Case

DOOKIE turns 23 this year, released back in 1994 it’s still the go to album for most Green Day fans. I wonder if they anticipated they’d be touring stadiums in 2017?



2. NOFX – Linoleum

Probably NOFX most popular song, from their 94 album PUNK IN DRUBLIC, with the accompanying skate video. Another band who have survived the test of time.



3. Rancid – Ruby Soho

From their third studio album AND OUT CAME THE WOLVES which went platinum in the USA in 2004. The bands first commercially acclaimed record got heavy airplay on MTV.



4. The Offspring – Self Esteem

SMASH was the first album released on Epitaph to achieve gold and platinum status, it’s shifted a whopping 11 million copies worldwide. This ones still a fan favourite.  The Offspring are just one of those bands you just can’t dislike.



5. Bad Religion – 21st Century

There’s a trend i see here, basically all the best punk rock albums were released on Epitaph, Which happens to be owned by Bad Religion frontman Brett Gurewitz. AGAINST THE GRAIN came out in 1990 is cited by many as Bad Religions best work.



6. Blink 182 – Dammit!

Basically one of the most killer skate punk albums of all time. ‘Well i guess this is growing up’. Another platinum selling record. Blink 182 have got a few of them.



7. Descendants – I’m The One

If you’ve never listened to Descendants, please go and do so. They formed in 1978 and EVERYTHING SUCKS is one of their best records. Fun Fact: They recorded it at The Blasting Room in Colorado, the same spot where A Day To Remember recorded BAD VIBRATIONS



8. Sick Of It All – Step Down

The 90’s was a hotbed for hardcore punk, bands popping up all over the place but one rose above them all and SCRATCH THE SURFACE is one of the best releases of the decade. You can still find Sick Of It All touring Europe in 2017 and they’re still a fan favourite.



9. Pennywise – Society

Political punk rock was a big thing in the 90’s and Pennywise lead the way. From their album FULL CIRCLE that was recorded following the death of bassist Jason Thirsk and also released on Epitaph.



10. Face To Face – Ordinary

It’s also just come to our attention that pretty much all the bands in this list are from California. Same goes for Face To Face who officially broke up in 2004. Their self titled record being their most successful.