10 Music Videos You Won’t Believe Are 10 Years Old

Honestly it seems like time is just flying by lately and we’re getting old real quick. The same thing goes for bands and quite frankly we can’t believe that some of these music videos actually came out in 2008. Take a look for yourself.

1. Panic! At The Disco – ‘Nine In The Afternoon’

Panic! have released 4 studio albums since they dropped this banger of a video. Don’t worry though, Brendan has aged oh so gracefully.


2. Paramore – ‘Decode’

Remember that time Paramore made a song for the Twilight movie soundtrack? We do and it’s still a fan favourite.


3. Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Chelsea Smile’

10 years on from releasing SUICIDE SEASON and Bring Me The Horizon are preparing to release their 6th album next January. So it seems a lifetime away since we were all moshing to ‘Chelsea Smile’


4. Parkway Drive – ‘Boneyards’

Parkway Drive have always had great music videos and this one is no different.


5. The Ghost Inside – ‘Faith Or Forgiveness’

We’re still shocked that it’s been 10 years since The Ghost Inside released their first album THE FURY AND THE FALLEN ONES and this is without doubt one of the best songs/videos from it.


6. Architects – ‘Always’

If you’re an old school Architects fan you’ll know this one well – From their 2007 album RUIN


7. A Day To Remember – ‘The Danger In Starting A Fire’

Has it really been 10 years since ADTR release FOR THOSE WHO HAVE HEART? This was one of the first songs a lot of their fans got into and their breakthrough record.


8. All Time Low – ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’

All Time Low filmed this video in a strip club and it went on to be one of the iconic pop punk videos in recent times.


9. Whitechapel – ‘This Is Exile’

Probably in the bands top 3 biggest songs and one of our favourite videos from that era of deathcore.


10. Suicide Silence – ‘Unanswered’

We miss Mitch Lucker, but thankfully we’ve got videos like this to look back at to remember him