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10 Pop Punk Bands That Make Us Wish It Was Summer Already

We’re at least 40% happier after writing this post…

Whilst it’s not quite yet ice cream weather,  the sun is kind of showing itself (even if it isn’t remotely warm outside rather just blinding).  With that being said, we’re in the mood for some feel-good music… so of course that means some pop punk.

Of course there’s more than 10 awesome pop punk bands out there, but because we can’t make this list 500 years long… you’ll just have to settle with this lot okay?

Trash Boat

We had a period where we absolutely rinsed this Trash Boat album and to be honest it was a great time had by all in the office. It just doesn’t feel the same listening to it when outside isn’t demanding you head to the nearest park to hang out with your friends – But we won’t hold that against the band.



No one appears to have more fun making music videos than Seaway do.  Having first heard of them back when COLOUR BLIND was released in 2015, with ‘Airhead’ being the first ever song we heard by them. Of course, after that very moment we were all aboard the Seaway train ya know.


pop punk playlist

Search for our ‘pop punk and chill’ playlist on Spotify – We’ve tons of other playlists too.



Urgh this makes us grin like a crazy person – We love you long time WSTR.


Neck Deep

Whether it’s LIFE’S NOT OUT TO GET YOU or THE PEACE AND THE PANIC, or any other of their releases to be honest… our mood is exactly the same after the moment of pressing play on some Neck Deep – Instantly happy.


Knuckle Puck

Knuckle Puck, you know exactly how to make us happy don’t you ay.



Oh Broadside, you’re just heavenly.



Can we just take a moment to have a round of applause for ROAM‘s GREAT HEIGHTS & NOSEDIVES ? This album really made us pay much more attention to this band.


Trophy Eyes

You’ll have no doubt seen us gush about Trophy Eyes in the past, so really there’s not much need for us to repeat ourselves here – All we will say is that ever since they dropped the new track ‘Hurt,’ we’re like a giddy school girl waiting for more to latch onto.


State Champs 

10/10 would listen to at least 5000 times (we’re lying like we haven’t already).  State Champs are for sure up their with one of the top pop punk bands we go to when we’re on the hunt for a mood boost.


The Wonder Years

See Dan Campbell in the still of the video above? That’s exactly how we feel when listening to ‘Sister Cities’. The Wonder Years just don’t disappoint.