Halloween films

10 Scary Films To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Love a good scary film? You definitely need to watch some of these – Some are absolute classics!

If you’re planning on keeping the Halloween festivities to a minimum this year maybe a movie night is on the cards for you and your friends? If so, may we suggest a few classic scary films that we’re definitely ourselves going to be revisiting over the next few days. Some of these used to scary the bejesus out of us when we we’re a bit younger (and more naive to the way these type of films work you could say). Either way if you’re up for a good scare give some of these a go…


Scream (1996)

Old as hell but it’s a classic.


Basically any of the Final Destination films…

Half of the duration of the films we’d spend covering our eyes saying “NO NO NO NO I can’t look,” because DAMN those death scenes are over the top gory  – The people writing the scripts are just like… how HAVEN’T we killed off someone in our films yet?


Child’s Play aka Chucky (1998) 

If you hate dolls, this isn’t for you.  Sure, it’s not aged THAT well but it’ll give you a few laughs for sure – That doll has a serious attitude problem amiright?


I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Old but gold!


Jeepers Creepers (2001)

This used to genuinely scare the living daylights out of us when we were younger…”GET BACK IN THE CAR TRISH!”


Saw II (2008) 

We weren’t a big fan of the first saw movie and to be honest not even some of the last (hell there’s meant to be a new Saw film coming next year… how long can the franchise be dragged out for?!). However, what we will admit is the premise of the film (or at least the earlier films in the series) are quite good and very very gory.


The Ring (2002)

When the girl crawls out of the well… OH LORDY that used to terrify us.


Shutter Island (2010)

One of Leo’s finest.


Friend Request

This is one of those scary films that you could easily find annoying quite quickly we’re not gonna lie & it’s not the biggest budget film either. However, if you can get over that…Friend Request is a good watch and one of the more modern scary films we’ve seemingly got in our list.


IT (1990)

Creepiest clown….ever.