Alternative Christmas 2

10 Songs For An Alternative Christmas Party Playlist


So it’s not even December yet and admittedly we’re fully feeling the Christmas spirit already. As we’re excited to head to the Christmas markets, play tetris as we charge through the crowds as we begin our Christmas shopping (pray for us please), there’s something missing and that’s a distinct lack of alternative Christmas songs on our car radio.

You can thank us later, but here’s just 10 of the Christmas covers/songs we’ve put together for your alternative party playlist this festive season – Hey, you never know… maybe your grandma might start nodding along to a bit of ABR or A Day To Remember’s ‘Right Where You Want Me To Be’ at the dinner table ? (can you IMAGINE)!


  1. August Burns Red aka the kings of the Christmas song covers 

Is it even an alternative Christmas party playlist list without August Burns Red?


2) All Time Low

Pleasant on the ears – Trust All Time Low to release such an innocent sounding Christmas song (we’re not complaining, beats hearing Noddy Holder for the billionth time)…


3) Being As An Ocean

Get the hot chocolate prepared, we’ll be waiting by the fire listening to this BAAO song.


4) MCR

Maria Carey who?



Alice Cooper is always a welcome addition to any playlist.


6) Issues

Some of these we’re actually surprised we’d never come across before – An Issues Christmas song, what’s not to love?!


7) New Found Glory

Pop punk Christmas vibes are always welcome in our books.


8) Set It Off

Just imagining the look on everyone’s faces around the dinner table on Christmas day when this song comes on is a present enough in itself – Try it too, we dare you…


9) Real Friends

Real Friends doing Real Friends Christmas style … we like it.


10)  A Day To Remember

And last but not least, of course this had to be included.