10 Songs We Absolutely Need To Hear At The Impericon Festivals

The festivals are coming sooner than you think!

In under three weeks time the madness that is the Impericon Festivals will be arriving in Manchester & London…

Impericon Festivals 2016

Which is why we’ve been mulling over exactly what songs we absolutely HAVE to hear (yes a pretty impossible task when for example we’d love to hear every single song off Northlane’s SINGULARITY… but ALAS we did whittle it down, let’s see who made the cut in our list of 10 song shall we?


1. Chelsea Grin – ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’

As much a memorable song as it is a memorable video – It might well be one of Chelsea Grin‘s oldies but here’s hoping they pull it out of the bag for us (for sure it’ll be a crowd favourite).


2. Heart Of A Coward – ‘Deadweight’

We can just picture the limbs flying everywhere if HOAC play this…


3. Northlane – ‘Quantum Flux’ 

It goes without saying that this is a MUST for Northlane to play – Which is why we’re even more excited in anticipation of hearing Marcus and co blow our ears off.


4.  Hatebreed – ‘I Will Be Heard’

Whilst we’re fully aware that Hatebreed most likely will lean towards their newer material and no doubt a few snippets off their upcoming THE CONCRETE CONFESSIONAL, there’s just no beating the likes of ‘I Will Be Heard’ in our books.


5. Emmure – ‘Solar Flare Homicide’ 

As Emmure will hit the stage a fair few hours into the evening, we know we can count on songs like ‘Solar Flare Homicide’ (just one example) to keep up the energy in the venue.


6. Hundredth – ‘Unravel’ 

To hear Hundredth live is treat enough for us, but any song off FREE will hit the spot nicely thank you very much.


7. Despised Icon – ‘In The Arms Of Perdition’ 

Watching Despised Icon live is a perfect way to spend a bank holiday, especially if we were to hear this song (the chances of which are VERY likely considering it’s one of their most well known). If you haven’t experienced Despised Icon live then be prepared for the onslaught of sheer relentless deathcore.


8. Blessthefall – ‘Walk On Water’ 

We haven’t seen Blessthefall perform songs off TO THOSE LEFT BEHIND live yet, full of absolute bangers it’ll be a treat to hear them that’s for sure.


9. Hellions – ‘Nottingham’

We absolutely love this song in particular from Hellions, so many feels.


10.  Eskimo Callboy

Most of you we assume you won’t have witnessed Eskimo Callboy live, however the Impericon Festivals are the time to rectify that! So open your minds and discover a new potential favourite band!