Architects competition

10 Songs we want Architects to play on tour

We’re so excited for the huge Architects UK headline tour in March that we’ve been arguing at Impericon HQ about which songs we most want them to play. Here’s our top 10 most wanted.

1. Naysayer – First single on their latest album LOST FOREVER // LOST TOGETHER and a definite crowd pleaser


2. These Colours Don’t Run – Purely so we can headbang for the first 30 seconds and then run around the pit like a madman shouting ‘YOU FUCKING PIGS’ as loud as our lungs will allow.


3. Heartburn – All of the feels in this one


4. Early Grave – You can’t have enough moshing opportunities when you go to a show and this is full of them


5. Follow The Water – You know when you see a band who have a chorus where the entire venue sings along and you get those goosebumps down your spine? Yeah THAT


6. Broken Cross – The perfect combination of clean vocals and screams, a flashback to those technical riffs we loved on DAYBREAKER and HOLLOW CROWN.


7. Numbers Count For Nothing – Everyone loves a good circle pit. This is the perfect song to get the room spinning


8. In Elegance 


9. Alpha Omega


10. Buried At Sea – Boys if you’re reading this, We know you won’t, but play this one for the really really old fans 🙂


Architects will play the following dates with Every Time I Die, Blessthefall and Counterparts

MARCH 2015
09 – BRISTOL Anson Rooms
12 – BIRMINGHAM Institutte
13 – NOTTINGHAM Rock City
14 – LONDON Roundhouse