10 Classic Metalcore Songs We Still Love

Good music incoming…

Metalcore has really changed and developed since the early days. Bands have come and gone, they’ve broken up & disappeared however what hasn’t left us is some of their songs that will forever remain timeless classics. Here are 10 of our favourites, maybe they’re yours too…


1. Eighteen Visions – Towers Of Snakes

Quite frankly one of the finest. Rumours of a reunion are currently pretty rife.


2. Bleeding Through – Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire

Having only called it a day a few years back Bleeding Through were at the forefront of a wave of Orange County, California metalcore bands. Utilizing keyboards and electronics with some heavy breakdowns, it’s the perfect music to mosh too.


3. Still Remains – The Worst Is Yet To Come

In my opinion a very underrated band, so many catchy songs, some riffs and breakdowns. They got back together and released a new album 3 years back, but I think the scene had moved on since then and their sound got left behind.


4. Killswitch Engage – Roses Of Sharyn

Without doubt one of the best Killswitch songs. Nothing else needs to be said


5. Atreyu – Her Portrait In Black

Atreyu have made a comeback in recent years but they’ll forever be remembered for their classics, including this one which featured in Underworld of course.


6. As I Lay Dying – 94 Hours

We debated whether this should be included for obvious reasons, however we decided that there is simply no way that we cannot include one of the most iconic metalcore songs of all time in such a list. This band inspired so many musicians with their first records and they’ll always be listenable.


7. Shadows Fall – Thoughts Without Words

From the golden era of Shadows Fall, I wonder how many of today’s metal fans actually know this band/have listened to them? Probably not as many as we hope.


8. Parkway Drive – Romance Is Dead

Over 10 years old can count as a classic right? Still one of PWD‘s most popular songs and a definite fan favourite. definitely moshed to this back in 2006


9. Hatebreed – I Will Be Heard

Hardcore? Or metalcore? Well that’s totally up for debate, let’s not forget that the technical definition of metalcore is metal with hardcore elements. So we’ll call it what it is – This is a total pit classic


10. Unearth – My Will Be Done

Last but not least from the same era of Killswitch, Shadows Fall and plenty more is Unearth. Relenting riffs and mosh for days and days!