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5 Bands to fix your broken heart

The end of a relationship is always a heavy thing to deal with. Suddenly there is nobody staring at you with a disgusted face after you did this super impressive 9/10 fart on the couch, but how can you fill up that emptiness again? The only thing that will really help you to get over your ex is music:

Well, the quick and easy solution for a broken heart would be to just buy a sassy cat, however every cat owner will tell you that this is a bad idea. The creatures, which are very popular on the internet are well, straight out of hell! Your future life will revolve around those beasts, don’t let them steal your heart! Instead you should listen to these 5 bands, which always helped me through the hard times:

Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean are a band playing outside of all categories. Screamo, Spoken Word, Melodic Hardcore… it is just not possible to put these guys into a genre with fixed borders, it’s also not necessary. With their sound they move their way from your ears directly into your heart. If you’ve heard their previous records DEAR G-D… and HOW WE BOTH WONDROUSLY PERISH like a bazillion times then you will of course be stoked that their forthcoming release is coming at the beginning of July. The album of which is self-titled.


Parkway Drive

I can’t help it, but listening to KILLING WITH A SMILE and HORIZONS always gets me through hard times. Even though Parkway Drive aren’t making “breakup music” the whole sound of these two old records just perfectly captures the emotions post-breakup.  It must be something about Mr McCall’s howling screams and those sweet riffs.



Hundredth are coming back! On the 19th of June they will be releasing their new record FREE. With this masterpiece, the next relationship crash is welcome.  There’s something about a good hardcore chant that will really release the emotion.



Now depending on what stage in the ‘grieving’ process you are, Basement are best enjoyed earlier on. With their album Colourmeinkindness, you should get those tissues and cry it out!


La Dispute

La Dispute are part of the so called “The Wave” movement. This movement helped emotional hardcore reach a completely new level and in my opinion La Dispute always have been the trophy child of these bunch of bands.

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If my list hasn’t helped you with your broken heart then I’m sorry to say that you should probably consider buying that cat…