5 Good Charlotte Songs That Mean The Most To Us

I mean, it’s not exactly an easy ask but we did it…

Good Charlotte will forever remain one of the highlights of our youth and if you’re around a certain age you’ll understand just why. They really did release some bangers and it’s been great seeing them back with YOUTH AUTHORITY after a little bit of a break.

We couldn’t help but choose 5 of their songs that mean the most to us and it wasn’t easy…


  1. ‘Lifestyles of The Rich And Famous’

Without doubt one of the bands most popular songs and whilst we may never be rich, or indeed famous it holds a special place in our hearts from a great time in our lives.



2. ‘The Anthem’

The best song they released? Maybe, but definitely the most played according to Spotify and Youtube stats. We definitely didn’t ask our parents if we could style ourselves on Joel’s fashion/hair after we saw this….promise!


3. ‘Girls & Boys’

Girls used to like cars and money but now they just like a guy with dank memes. Right? 2002 seems so long ago 🙁


4. ‘War’

Our favourite song from their latest album, Somehow they made the song/video look and sound like to mid 2000’s and we just love that.


5. ‘I Don’t Wanna Be In Love’

For years this was one of those songs that i didn’t know until it came on the radio and i was like oh that’s GC. A dance floor anthem.