5 Hip Hop Songs But Not As You Know Them…

So we’re curious, how many of these were you already aware of?

Whilst we don’t assume the majority of you are big hop hop listeners, there’s surely at least one song within this list that you’ll have heard before.


Limp Bizkit – ‘Jump Around’ (House Of Pain)

Limp Bizkit are no strangers to doing a cover & their House of Pain one fit right in with their own style when they performed it on the Family Values Tour back in 1998 with the likes of Korn, Ice Cube, Rammstein also on the bill.


Rage Against The Machine – ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ (Cypress Hill)

RATM and Cypress Hill have always been close, so it came as no surprise when the cover of ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ appeared on their album RENEGADES.


Cancer Bats – ‘Sabotage’ (Beastie Boys)

Cancer Bats covering Beastie Boys was always and we mean ALWAYS going to happen. With a perfect video to match the homage too – You can’t fault Cancer Bats for their efforts.


Throwdown – ‘Baby Got Back’ (Sir Mix-A-Lot)

Not going to lie, we didn’t actually know about this cover until we were looking up songs for this list.


Sepultura (feat. Sabotage) – ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ (Public Enemy)

With the EP (released in 2003) containing this cover having only been distributed in Brazil and Japan, it’ll probably then be news to you that Sepultura covered this track by Public Enemy. The EP was actually completely comprised of 7 cover tracks including also a Metallica one.