5 movies you should watch this month

We’re a nation of movie lovers, On average 15 million of us have attended the cinema each month in 2015 already and with some block busters knocking around there’s absolutely no reason not to.

Here’s 5 movies we think you should check out if you’re heading out in the next few weeks.

1. Straight Outta Compton.

With a lot of the political and social issues in America right now there couldn’t be a more appropriate backdrop for the release of this movie. The movie focusses on the rise and fall of the infamous California rap group N.W.A and is named after the groups first album. Dre and Ice Cube have really brought to life a really compelling story into a screenplay and it’s definitely one of the movies of the summer.


2. Hitman: Agent 47

If like me you’re into video games you’ll remember the entire series of Hitman games that this movie is based on, also if you like all out action this is definitely for you. Big guns, advanced fight scenes and over dramatic stuff blowing up all over the place. It’s basically the majority of things you expect from an action movie.

3. The Transporter Refueled

Honestly, i’m not sure what to make of this film. I was a big fan of the original Transporter movies with Jason Statham and with him not being on board for this new one i am kind of sceptical as to how good it will actually be. He just had that swagger and attitude which fit the role really well and it’s always difficult when the main character you’ve grown used to is replaced. The action is basically the same as in previous titles, you know what to expect. Sleek cars, lots of money and luxuries and more car chases than you can shake a stick at. Give it a shot.

4. Good People

James Franco and Kate Hudson star in this suspense thriller. A couple from Chicago who are living in London discover £200,000 in cash in their dead neighbours flat and decide to keep the money to get themselves out of debt and solve their problems. As with most good things, there’s some bad to go with it.

5. Sinister 2

Ranked in the top 10 most anticipated horror movies of 2015 is Sinister 2. Sequels can be hit or miss but this is expected to be a good one. If you’re into having the crap scared out of you in public, we highly advise you go check this out, but maybe take some clean underwear.

Oh and while we’re at it, don’t watch Fantastic Four, it’s pretty terrible and has been getting bashed by critics all over recently.

Seen a good movie lately? Let us know in the comments