Punk Goes Pop

8 ‘Punk Goes Pop’ Covers We Should Never Have Forgotten About…

Are you ready for a trip down ‘Punk Goes Pop’ memory lane?

Whether or not you like to openly admit your appreciation for the various ‘Punk Goes Pop’ covers we’ve been given over the years, admittedly there’s been quite a handful of the tracks we shamefully forgot about/ don’t give as much appreciation to thesedays.  Which brings us on to the reason we brought you to this post. From the 6 ‘Punk Goes Pop’ albums that’ve been released since the first which nearly 17 years ago now (yes really), here’s 8 we think we all should give a bit more appreciation to…


1. Pierce The Veil – ‘Just The Way You Are’ (Bruno Mars) 

Great cover, great song – Pretty sure Vic could cover any Bruno Mars song and make it sound like his own.


2. Volumes – ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ (Drake)

One of our all time favourites (not gonna lie we do enjoy a bit of Drake in the office quite regularly) so Volumes covering this was just a match made in heaven for us.


3.  Memphis May Fire – ‘Grenade’ (Bruno Mars)

Bands are their Bruno Mars covers ay?


4.  August Burns Red – ‘Wrecking Ball’ (Miley Cyrus)

I mean, we all know August Burn Red absolutely kill it with their covers, so this Miley Cyrus cover came as no surprise when it was first released.


5.  Go Radio – ‘Rolling In The Deep’ (Adele) 

Adele who?


6.  Four Year Strong – ‘Love Song’ (Sara Bareilles)

C’mon it was a perfect fit!


7. Issues – ‘Boyfriend’ (Justin Bieber)

Add Tyler Carter‘s vocals to anything and we’d happily pay money for it…


8. Ice Nine Kills – ‘Animals’ (Maroon 5)