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10 Hardcore Songs We’ll See You In The Pit For

Remove all loose items from your pockets, limber up and let’s get this party started…

If you’re body isn’t aching the day after you’ve gone to a hardcore gig, did you even go to one? They’re basically a whole body workout.  Lots of sweat,  limbs flying past your eyes as well as that sense of community – What’s not to love about this genre of music? If these don’t get you hyped up to jump into the nearest pit, we don’t know what will…


  1. Terror – ‘One With The Underdogs’ 

Easing into it so to speak, of course Terror were going to be included in this list (but you knew that though right?).  One of the top dogs of the hardcore scene, as soon as we hear the opening to this song we know exactly where we need to be…


2.  Nasty – ‘Shokka’ 

SHOKKAAA! I think we can all agree on the fact that Nasty DID NOT hold back in the slightest when it comes to the imagery used in this video. Hard as nails, the song instantly makes us want to lift some heavy weights, charge into the pit & generally just throw our limbs around like nobody’s watching.


3.  Stick To Your Guns – ‘Amber’ 

As soon as we hear that opening riff, we’re off.


4.  Knocked Loose  – ‘Deadringer’

Absolute hardcore perfection – Knocked Loose are one of our favourite bands, especially after the release of LAUGH TRACKS. In all honesty the entire album gets us off our feet, but as we don’t want to make this just a purely Knocked Loose post, we’ll settle on this one…


5. Stray From The Path – ‘D.I.E.P.I.G’

Cut throat lyrics, of course a SFTP song titled ‘D.I.E.P.I.G’ is going to get your feet moving.


6.  Hatebreed – ‘In Ashes They Shall Reap’

Oh Hatebreed you do spoil us.


7. Higher Power

Hopefully you’ve heard of Higher Power before now, but if you haven’t then now’s your chance to rectify this before the forthcoming Impericon Festival. Be sure to get down early to catch this lot, as they definately deserve your attention.



8.  Code Orange 

We can already feel ourselves being summoned, damn we love Code Orange.


9. Comeback Kid – ‘Wasted Arrows’

Comeback Kid are one of the staples within the hardcore scene – As soon we hear Mr Neufeld’s vocals it’s time to dance.


10. Turnstile – ‘Gravity’

See that guy on the left hand side of Turnstile’s album cover? ^^ Well that’s us about 5 seconds into this song.