5 Albums We’ll Never Stop Banging On About, Ever

And for good reason…


Here’s the thing. In our mind, all of these albums are ones that we just assume everyone else is still listening to nowadays anyway… but realistically we have no clue. We just assume the love is still well and truly alive for these releases and if it isn’t… we’re looking at you to do something about it.  It’d be interesting to hear what albums you lot hold close to you from years gone by…

Anyway here’s just 5 albums we never want to push off the favourites shelf so to speak…

Alexisonfire – CRISIS

Released: August 2006

The sweet sweet sounds of ALEXISONFIRE. Sure, it was hard to choose from their back catalogue, but CRISIS just stands out a teeny tiny bit more than the rest of their releases. Maybe it’s because of the likes of ‘This Could Be Anywhere In The World’ or ‘We Are The Sound’.



Released: March 2004

For some reason I feel like there isn’t enough appreciation given these days for their albums like A SNOW CAPPED ROMANCE, BITTERNESS THE STAR & REST INSIDE THE FLAMES.



Released: June 2004

An album that was VICTORY RECORDS’S highest selling debut at the time of it’s release, THE SILENCE IN BLACK AND WHITE out of all of the albums on the list means the most to me. I love this album probably more now than I did back when it first came out. And whilst I fully appreciate that Hawthorne Heights might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying that when bands like this, Silverstein, Aiden, Bayside etc were blowing up, there was nothing that seemed to come along and better any of it.  For a band that are still going after 17 years, you’ve gotta give credit where it’s due – Sure they might not be the same band that you’ll hear on albums like IF ONLY YOU WERE LONELY & THE SILENCE IN BLACK AND WHITE, but I won’t loose sleep over that.



It’s hard to put into words what this album and band mean to me. I didn’t play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to get into CKY, nor can I actually remember how I first heard about the band… but I do remember ‘Sink Into The Underground’ being the one particular song (and still to this date) that I hold up as our my time favourite of theirs. I don’t have any coordination for skating, nor do I really listen to any other bands that are similar to CKY, but there’s just something about this album, this band that resonate with me.



Released: September 2005

Thank you to festivals like Slam Dunk, we’re gonna get to relive our teenage years thanks to the addition of The Audition to the lineup this year. This was yet another album we used to religiously learn the lyrics to. I mean, just from the moment you press play on CONTROVERSY LOVES COMPANY, you can’t deny that it doesn’t instantly take you back in time.