All Time Low Interview – ‘Giraffes are rad!’

All Time Low love to bring their typical pop-punk to the stages of the world and that is proven by every single concert through incomparable stage-performances and their endless energy. We talked to the guys about the life on tour, their new album and more…

For a lot of bands a constant lineup seems to be rather challenging. what is your „secret“ and what keeps up the good mood within the band?

We keep things light hearted most of the time, and we really strive to maintain a family mentality on the road. These guys are my brothers, and we stick together through thick and thin.

What do you think are the most important aspects of a band being able to gel?

It’s important to stay active, and to not get jaded out on the road. When you’re far away from home and family, the people around you on tour have to become your family. We support each other and look out for one another. We also have a lot of fun doing what we do, and getting to see the world with your friends is a truly amazing experience.

You’re famous for your consistently touring. Where do you get the energy for it from?

The energy comes from the crowds– There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that people what to come and sing along to the music you’ve made. We feed off the audience, and that keeps us driven to get on to the next one, every single day.

What is the last thought that crosses your mind before entering the stage?

I hope I don’t have to pee mid-set.

How is it to tour with other bands? Do you still watch each other perform live?

Absolutely! We’ve become good friends with so many bands out on the road, and sharing the stage becomes such a fun experience. We’re all still massive music fans, so watching a great live show, especially when it’s your friends, is great!

Is there something you miss a lot while being on tour?

My fiance, my family, my friends, and my dogs.


What’s the main difference between the US and Europe for you? What are the top things about each?

Traveling in Europe is a lot different. In America, you’re traveling long distances, but you’re always in America. In Europe, you could have a 3 hour drive, and suddenly you’re in a completely different country, with a new culture and a new language- You have to be a lot more adaptive. That being said, because we don’t get over here to Europe QUITE as much as we do in the states, I think our audiences are a bit more rabid here, just because they aren’t as used to the shows.

Are there bands you really would like to be on a tour with?

Of course! Blink182 or the Foo Fighters would be incredible. But there are so many more.

Can you tell us about your favorite fan experience?

I’ve had so many awesome experiences with our fans that it’s hard to pick just one… But I always love when fans share a story about how we brought them and a friend or a group of friends together through our music or through a show.

What’s the first thing you do after returning home from tour?

Sleep in my own bed!

Which band member sees the hairdresser the most?

Probably myself or Jack… Jack has to maintain that blonde streak!

What’s your favorite animal?

Giraffes are rad!

At what age did you move out of your parent’s home?

Well, technically around 20, when I moved into my own place. But we were on tour before that, so I wasn’t home much after high school.

What record are you currently listening to?

Sia – 1000 Forms of Fear

Do you like to cook? or do you prefer somebody cooks for you? or do you just like go the the restaurant instead?

I love cooking when I’m home. It’s pretty hard to cook on tour, so I’m a restaurant guy on the road.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing in your closet and how old is it?

All of my leather jackets. I’m kind of obsessed.

How many shirts do you take on tour with you? and how many pairs of shoes?

Too many. I always overpack.

What’s your latest gift purchase? and for who was it supposed to be?

I bought my now fiance a diamond ring. Haha!

Do you have a favorite quote you’re always living up to?

“Don’t eat the yellow snow” — A wise man

How do you spend a perfect night? and how the perfect day?

Perfect night is watching an awesome movie, drinkin’ wine. Perfect day is anything that involves being outdoors in the sun!

You seem to be living your dream… but what are you dreaming of while you’re asleep?

I dream of all kinds of nonsense. I have very vivid dreams. Occasionally I am Batman… Those are the best.

Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

I’ll sleep through the zombie apocalypse!

What kind of job did you think you’re going to do, back when you were kids?

When we hit highschool, all I wanted was to be a musician, so I chased it as hard as I possibly could.

Is there an instrument you want to learn to play?

I wish I could play the piano!

Describe your upcoming record in five words… what’s awaiting the fans?

Really fuckin’ exciting new tunes!

Are you writing new song material all the time or do you have some kind of a creative ritual for the process?

Inspiration can hit at any moment, so I suppose in a way, I’m always writing. But to actually put together a full song, I have to take time and apply myself.

How exactly did you know the record would sound like, before you were hitting the studio?

We didnt! That’s what the studio’s for! We had lots of ideas and a loose vision, but until you get in there and start hashing things out, it’s very amorphous.