Appreciation Post: Has Enter Shikari’s TAKE TO THE SKIES Got Better With Age?

The clear cut answer is yes.


For us, we have to say that our love for TAKE TO THE SKIES is much stronger today than it was when the album first came out 10 years ago. Maybe because at the time we didn’t realise how much of a classic TTTS would become/ probably due to the fact that our we were only really just discovering our music taste. Either way, I’m sure we can speak for everyone when we say that it’s a definitive ‘Yes’ to the question as to whether this beauty of an album has got better with age.

It’s particularly albums where every single song is as strong as the last, that over the years they become more and more appreciated and TTTS is no exception. Whilst we could’ve easily banged on about each track, here’s just a short overview of why this particular album has stood the test of time.


‘Enter Shikari’ 

Never has the start of an album got us more hyped than this particular one.



Witnessing a band like Enter Shikari live is a treat we’ll never get tired of. Remix’s, impressive light shows, mass-chanting galore… to see such a band progress over the years has been down right impressive. Whilst their popularity has changed and taken them countless times around the world, we can sleep safe in the knowledge that their live shows will only get better.


‘Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour’

For us, the most special track on the album.

Sure, ‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’ holds a special place in everyone’s hearts, but there’s something about ‘Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour’ that takes us right back to when we were just finding our music taste (what we did like, what we didn’t like). When TAKE TO THE SKIES first came out, there was nothing like it. The mix of so many elements mashed into their sound, the energy exuded (even from watching their music videos) just made you want to listen to more of this band. We hope to god the finger lights make a come back at this year’s Slammy D!



From playing small venues like the one in the video above to the biggest festivals in the UK, regardless of where they are ES will always be sure to put on a show that’ll you’ll never tire of.



Because Enter Shikari can also do sweet you know. We haven’t listened to ‘Adieu’ as half as much as we should’ve over the years, but oh how it’s surely going to be a special moment at Slam Dunk.


‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’

Well because it wouldn’t be a TAKE TO THE SKIES appreciation post without ‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’..

We adore everything about not only the song, but the video (which is equally as iconic).