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Artists Can Now Hire A Company To Lock Away People’s Phones During Gigs

Its a never ending debate…

We’re all well aware of plenty of bands not taking too kindly to the use of your mobile phone during their gigs, for example it’s well known that A Perfect Circle operate a no phone policy.

However, when you hear news about artists like Jack White (The White Stripes) hiring a company to enforce exactly that, we’re kinda left worrying as to whether this could actually be the future for the majority of gigs years down the line?

The company called Yondr, aim is to put the focus back on music by locking fans’ phones as they enter the “phone-free zone” and placing it in a pouch/ case which then locks. Yondr who add a small amount to the ticket price say:

“Phone-free shows are more fun. Artists are uninhibited. The audience is present. Everyone is swept up into a shared mood. We work with artists, venues, promoters and labels to create phone-free shows, events and tours.”

Although you’re allowed to keep your phone on your person, you just can’t access it.  Additionally, “Phone zones” are also provided where emergency calls can be made.

So here lies the question:

If bands you enjoy going to see live started using a company like Yondr to enforce a phone free zone, would this stop you from heading along to the gig?