Bands You Probably Missed: Stories Are Streaming Debut THE YOUTH TO BECOME

Saying that the modern world of music is diverse and just crazy huge is probably the biggest underestimation of the Century. It’s not easy to know every good band, therefore we’re going to share our new discoveries with you. First up are Stories who come straight from Down Under.

I have absolutely no idea how it can be possible that such a small and dangerous continent like Australia produces so much excellence and heavy acts. However, sometimes you don’t have to understand it to feel it. Tomorrow on the 14th of August the debut of Stories, THE YOUTH TO BECOME will be released by UNFD and right now you have the chance to listen to the whole record. Make up your own mind on the band by listening to the debut below!

Personally I would classify their sound somewhere between Northlane‘s DISCOVERIES and SINGULARITY, but at the same time it’s still original and THE YOUTH TO BECOME is more than average and a great debut for such a young band. Stories could potentially be your new favourite band… let us know!