Bloodstock 2018

Bloodstock 2018: 7 Reasons Why We’re Stoked To Be There

Festival season, we’re not done with you yet!

August is Bloodstock & Reading & Leeds month and whilst they couldn’t be further apart in terms of lineup, I think both sets of people would agree festivals are one way to let off some stream and just enjoy good music with equally good company and overpriced alcohol.

When we’re not flinging merch at our stall, we’re hoping we’ll get to go see at least a few bands at Bloodstock – The following 7 being our main “must-sees” …




All hail Gojira.


Judas Priest

There is absolutely no way you can listen to Judas Priest without feeling epic, hence why we need to see their set to walk away with all of the feel good vibes. Their new album FIREPOWER is exactly what you expect and want from the band, so now all we need is to witness it live!



ONE OF OUR OWN! ….Sure we’re biased because they’re fellow Mancunians BUT don’t you dare say you don’t love this band, this track.



Damn, we haven’t seen Devildriver live in donkey’s years! – Can’t wait!


At The Gates



Do we even need to justify this pick/ reason?