Capsize Interview

The first Capsize album will be released October 10th: We’ve talked with singer Daniel Wand and asked him a couple of questions about THE ANGST IN MY VEINS and about the upcoming Never Say Die! Tour 2014.

Your new record THE ANGST IN MY VEINS will be released soon. What is the story behind the name and what does it mean?

I thought of the name the day after the record was done. I was listening to all the songs back to myself and it just came to be as a fitting title. The deeper meaning is related to how I go through life with a bit of a chip on my shoulder and let myself mentally downward spiral uncontrollably fast sometimes. It also relates to the drive I have towards making this band happen. The reason I haven’t quit is because of THE ANGST IN MY VEINS and the reason that I can never seem to find
pure happiness is because of THE ANGST IN MY VEINS. It’s also a bit of an ode to a band called From First To Last.

Can you tell us something more about the cover and who this woman is? A friend of the band?

The girl on the cover is a photographer from Berlin named Margot Pandone. The photo is of her and by her as well. I found some polaroids she took online and I liked them enough to trace the photographer down and get in contact. Once I explained was I was looking for, she was very quick to deliver an awesome photo set that makes up our album art.

Often, you use a mixture of an anchor and a hangman’s noose as a logo. What is the meaning of this?

The noose anchor logo was something I came up with when I was trying to re-brand the band. The feeling of sinking and like I previously mentioned, a mental downward spiral to the point of wanting to die is a big lyrical theme in the band.

Are the songs on THE ANGST IN MY VEINS different in comparison to your older songs?

Very. A lot of people first discovered us off our “Live A Burden, Die A Curse” EP that we put out last year, which was written by someone who is no longer in the band and that being said we are no longer playing those songs. It may bum a few kids out but I assure anyone that had any interest in that should definately give our new music a chance. We put out another EP, “I’ve Been Tearing Myself Apart” earlier this year which was our first release on Equal Vision and the transition into the new line up. The new album is everything I’ve wanted this band to be and we’re super proud of it. Musically it’s exponentially more complex than the older songs and lyrically it’s got even more personal than before. I have so much more fun listening to these songs than the older stuff and I think other people will too.

You will be on tour with Terror, Stick to your Guns, Comeback Kid, Obey the Brave, More than a Thousand and No Bragging Rights at the Never Say Die! Tour 2014. What do you expect from this huge tour through Europe?

I expect we’ll have the time of our lives, really. Sharing our brand new record that we’ve worked this long on with new faces across the world is something we are very grateful to get to do. We’re not taking a moment of it for granted, and we’re going to give the best show we can every single night.