Suicide Silence

The Evolution Of Suicide Silence

Pull the trigger bitch.

When you think of deathcore, Suicide Silence will no doubt spring straight to mind. A band who since their formation 15 years ago, have given us four beefy albums (their fifth self-titled due out February 24th) thus far.

Admittedly any mention of Suicide Silence will always stir up discussion regarding their evolution of sound and change in frontmen over the years, but in all honesty we’re not here to compare Mitch & Eddie (as we all know that’s been done enough), we’re really here for a trip down deathcore lane if you’re ready?


The debut…

Recorded with all members at one time rather than the more common practice of multi-track recording, back nearly a decade ago when it came out, THE CLEANSING  was admittedly “nothing new” for the deathcore genre as most reviews will tell you, but it definitely got the band noticed – Having even been hailed as Century Media’s biggest selling debut ever at the time… not half bad for a debut ay?



Suicide Silence

Two years on came the band’s follow-up & it’s one that you’ll forever see Susi fans quoting the lyrics from (you can count us in on that too). Much like THE CLEANSING, NO TIME TO BLEED kept along the same sort of line in terms of sound, whilst also having a noticeable difference in production.



‘You Only Live Once,’ ‘Fuck Everything,’ ‘O.C.D’… THE BLACK CROWN still to this day provides ample live material for the band and are certainly crowd favourites all these years on.  Not gonna lie, we’re definitely guilty of replaying ‘You Only Live Once’ an unhealthy amount. This is an album in which people will forever make reference to (with it being Mitch’s final album) and the fact that Suicide Silence’s next would feature an entirely new vocalist, it’s certainly the most obvious point in the band’s evolution where you see the most noticeable change in sound.



Some hailed it as the comeback album for Susi. With an obvious nod & tribute to the passing of Mitch, not only did they use lyrics (on the title track) penned by Lucker before his passing, they also decided to reboot one of the songs off their first EP (‘Ending Is The Beginning’). YOU CAN’T STOP ME is an album which we still particularly enjoy revisiting, with a sense of the band nodding to the old and new chapters. Now where are our Susi mosh shorts at?…


SELF-TITLED… Let’s talk ‘Doris’ 

5 days ago Suicide Silence caused quite a stir. Having released the first track off their upcoming self-titled, it’s fair to say the reception has divided opinion.  What’s important to remember when talking about Suicide Silence is that they’ve been around for 15 years and counting, therefore of course change within their sound is to be expected. Bands have to evolve in order to not only keep themselves sane and to still enjoy the music in which they make, but also in order to expand their reach to new fans. Sure, ‘Doris’ may not be your cup of tea, but that’s not to say it isn’t somebody else’s. Personally? We’re excited to see where the forthcoming self-titled takes Suicide Silence.