Federal Court: As of 01.04 moshing is illegal

Bad news for fans of hard music and concerts with rough pits and aggressive dancing. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has sustained an emergency appeal, which prohibits moshing and every other sub form as pogo or violent dancing, starting today.

Petitioning for this appeal is the European Federal Agency of Dance music (EFAD), who formulate any kind of safety standards and guidelines for dance events across Europe. A speaker of the EFAD comments on the approved emergency appeal as follows:

Since the beginning of the year we’ve followed with great dismay the rapidly increasing number of injuries and accidents at so-called “hardcore shows”. Here we do not just blame the aggressive music, but also the scene and extremely intense contact dance style, known as “moshing”. In light of the upcoming festival season, thousands of young people from all over Europe are planning to take part and mosh at events such as the Impericon Festival, Reading And Leeds concerts as Slipknot, Of Mice & Men and any other kind of arnea filling bands and we were forced to make an emergency appeal in the European Federal Agency to stop this dangerous trend. We welcome the decision of the chief judge.

The emergency appeal inures today and de-legalizes moshing and any other kind of violent dancing. Not only promoters but also guests can be held accountable with a fine up to £100  or even higher. Injuries caused through violent dancing will be punished with up to a one year prison sentence.