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Forget Performing On A Stage, There’s Musicians That Perform Underwater

You’re curious aren’t you…

Between Music (hailing from Denmark), consist of five musicians who’re all submerged entirely underwater whilst they perform.

“The artists conducted countless experiments in collaboration with deep-sea divers, instrument makers and scientists to develop entirely new, highly specialized subaqueous instruments. These include an underwater organ or hydraulophone, crystallophone, rotacorda, percussion and violin. The team also perfected a distinctive vocal technique for underwater singing.

The result is a concert experience completely out of the ordinary; a deep dive into a magical new universe of images and sounds.”

What we find incredible is the sheer amount of thought that’s gone into this,  as it boils down to even planning as to when the breaths are taken by the musicians in order to keep the composition on track.

Watch their AquaSonic concert below:

Yes the concert is incredibly creepy, yes we can’t stop watching it.  Would you go and watch something like this if it came to your city? (Because they do tour this you know…).