Good Charlotte

5 Good Charlotte Songs You Should Never Forget About

*emotionally prepares for their UK tour next week*

As we press play on their greatest hits album, we can’t deny that we’re still able to recall 99% of the lyrics to each and every song. 17 years since they released their debut, Good Charlotte have for sure been with us throughout our angsty emo teenager phase. Whilst the days of wearing an over-sized MADE hoodie (after seeing the video for ‘Girls & Boys’ we had to have what Joel was wearing – Fan girl logic and all) have gone, there will always be a special place in our heart for bands like this.

With their UK tour happening next week, we thought we ought to recap some of the Good Charlotte songs we absolutely adore (we’re crossing all of our fingers that we get to hear at least a couple of them live)…








THE CHRONICLES OF LIFE AND DEATH  had some absolute gems on it, don’t deny! There’s just something about ‘Predictable’… particularly when it gets to 1:43 in urgh.



See how Joel looks above ^ … that’s exactly how we feel when we listen to this song – Air grabs galore.



If ‘hold on’ doesn’t make you want to endlessly happy cry then we don’t know which Good Charlotte song will.




Which Good Charlotte songs hold a special place in your heart?