Good Music: 9 Metalcore Bands We Should All Be Giving Some Attention To

That’s if you aren’t already paying the deserved attention to these bands…

In the early 2000s, bands like Parkway Drive, Bring Me The Horizon, and The Ghost Inside caused a stir in the Metalcore genre, with their very own sound and outstanding live shows. More than 15 years later, new bands have set their sights on bringing a fresh breeze to the genre.

Here’s 9 bands (in no particular order) – Who’re all still out to prove exactly why this genre is so beloved.

Cane Hill 

Formed: 2011 in New Orleans (USA)
Discography (Studio albums): SMILE (2016), TOO FAR GONE (2018)

Nu metal meets metalcore – Cane Hill have even at one point even described themselves as “swamp grunge”. Regardless of their genre (let’s face it, they don’t stick to just the one), with their latest release you’ve got everything from 2000’s Nu Metal to 1990’s Grunge. We’re excited to see more from this band.



Formed: 2012 in Queens (USA)
Discography (Studio albums): TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (2014), HELP! (2016)

Blend Korn, Linkin Park, P.O.D.  and a sprinkle of Deftones and out comes Sylar. Their self-released EP DEADBEAT (2013) was actually produced by none other than Caleb Shomo.   >> Shop Sylar merch <<


Wage War

Formed: 2010 (Under the name  “Empires“) in Ocala (USA) – Hey finally another band from the same place as ADTR!
Discography (Studio album): BLUEPRINTS (2015), DEADWEIGHT (2017)

When a core band integrates clean vocals into their songs, it doesn’t often lead to never-ending discussions among Metalcore fans. Some hate it, others love it and defend the band to no end. However, it’s safe to say we’re all in agreement in our love for Wage War: Especially thanks to songs like ‘Do not Let Me Fade Away’ & ‘Witness’.


Formed: 2009 in Birmingham (USA)
Discography (Studio albums): IMPULSE (2011), AUGMENT (2013), DRIFT (2016)

Technical drums and even Djent elements paired with high guitar sounds and haunting vocals by Clean Singer Jesse Cash. When we heard Erra for the first time we knew we were in for the long haul. There’s absolutely no way we could ever get up to the pitch that the vocals are in but you know what… it’s pretty damn fun attempting it (and yes it does sound like we’re being strangled) #noshame


Bad Omens

Formed: 2014 in Los Angeles (USA)
Discography (Studio albums): BAD OMENS (2016)

Whilst I’m sure (sadly) they’ll never truly shake the comparisons of Oli Sykes/Bring Me The Horizon, Bad Omens actually quote the likes of Slipknot, Linkin Park, Disturbed to even Thirty Seconds To Mars as their influences. In an interview, frontman Noah actually touched on the whole comparison issue saying;

“While it can be flattering due to what a game-changing album Sempiternal was, and great band Bring Me the Horizon [are], it’s definitely frustrating how often our own work and creativity is compared to just one album—especially considering when some of our songs were written and how much influence we draw from so many other artists.”


Formed: 2012 in Sydney (AUS)
Discography (Studio albums): THE MORTAL COIL (2017)

Anyone who caught Polaris live at the Never Say Die! Tour last year will have felt it: This is the beginning of a great rise for this band who have been nicknamed by some as the Australian-Architects equivalent.

Oceans Ate Alaska

Formed: 2010 in Birmingham (UK)
Discography (Studio albums): LOST ISLES (2015), HIKARI (2017)

Whilst their sound might have shifted between album no.1 and 2, after listening to their latest HIKARI, we’re all for Jake Noakes’s vocals (who joined the band back in 2017) – We like what we hear.

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I Prevail

Formed: 2013 in Southfield (USA)
Discography (Studio albums): LIFELINES (2016)

Whether you first heard I Prevail thanks to their T Swift cover of ‘Blank Space’ (2014) or two years later when their EP HEART Vs. MIND was released, it’s safe to say their last release LIFELINES is most definately on top and as expected the most fine-tuned thanks to songs like ‘Scars’ and ‘Lifelines’.


The Plot In You

Formed: 2010 in Hancock County (US)

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without TPIY right…