Guest Article by Scott Vogel: The Top 10 European Hardcore Bands

What would be a better source of recommendation than a true Hardcore legend? We thought exactly that and asked the vocalist of Terror to help us out. The result: Scott Vogel found some time and wrote a guest article for the Impericon Magazine. Here you will find Scott’s Top 10 European Hardcore bands.:


Scott Vogel:

There was a lot of bands like Sidekick, Rise And Fall, St. Hood and Kindred I would love to have put on this list. Younger bands like Broken Teeth, Coldburn and Risk It! are making strong statements too – but this is my top ten favorite hardcore bands out of Europe and the UK…


FOREVER WAR is a classic. Mixing Parts all out war, madball and their own style of street wise metallic hardcore in the early years, and adding more nosey, Erie sounds later on, kickback is my favorite European hardcore band ever. I know they aren’t pc. I know they aren’t perfect guys and you may have some issues with this and that, but musically they are pure
destruction. No question about it.

Born From Pain

Longevity is on these guys side. They have outlasted most and have something most bands are lacking – a message. Well written lyrics, always strong live show , work ethic and some of the best dudes in hardcore, period. SANDS OF TIME will always be my favorite but born from pain always delivers.

True Blue

Again some of my favorite people in the whole world that happened to come together and make amazing music. When no one was doing a Bad Brains / Cro Mags sound they were. Amazing artwork and designs, this band was always two steps ahead of the rest. They put out a great demo and 7 inch and left us all high and dry.

Dead Stop

Undeniable power. This band has just got it. Not exactly my style favorite of music but this is close to perfect for true hardcore. Fast and urgent and pissed off. I still listen to dead stop all the time.

No Turning Back

Serious dedication. serious work ethic. Super good records thru and thru. They have toured all over the world which is a hard battle for any band. DAMAGE DONE is a perfect record. I also really respect them for cutting out much of the middle man as of late and doing many things on there own terms


For me, the best out of that umea Sweden sxe rush. I really liked Final X Exit and Shield a lot but the SENSELESS record was really really fucking good and I listened to it all the time. I wish I had a chance to see a show over there in it’s heyday I heard it was super cool. ‘Needle’ is such a cool song.


This is a band I admittedly got into a lot later then I should have. I guess it took me meeting these guys and seeing how genuine and down to earth they are to open my eyes. This is real hardcore. With the true spirit STILL DEDICATED is a classic anthem.

World Collapse

The Rene Natzel writing combo with Frank Olma is undeniable. They think outside the box and have no limitations. This band is so unique and powerful, and on a level most don’t dare to investigate. Sadly they hardly ever play and releases are scattered as vocalist changes has plagued them – still this is one of the most creative projects to come from Europe.


Straight out of London, Knuckledust is the real thing. An awesome catalogue of releases and a great live show with frontman Pierre always on fire, this band can’t be denied. They have longevity and are also involved in the scene with having a label and doing shows etc.

Angel Crew

When this stuff was released I listened to it all the time. Raw and powerful and had tons of energy and packed a serious punch. Hard hitting hardcore has always been something I loved and this band did it right.

– SV