Post Malone BMTH

Have Bring Me Collaborated With Post Malone?

In news that you definately didn’t expect to read about today…

Sure, they (Oli and Post) might’ve been pictured together over the past festival weekend, but rumors have been floating around on Twitter (SEE BELOW) and people have divided opinions on said rumored Bring Me x Post Malone collab it seems…

We can hear the comments already.

post bmth

 >> I don’t want to see none of y’all normies start listening to BMTH just because they’re collabing with Post Malone,” they wrote. “Y’all just wanna hop on the ’emo’ wave now [because your] fav. artists normalize it but y’all use to make fun of us in middle school.” — bloody sabbath🗡 (@odd_future09) <<







So would you welcome such a collaboration?