Devil In Me

Here’s What Freddy Madball, Andrew Neufeld and Jordan Posner Are Thinking About SOUL REBEL

Next week SOUL REBEL, the new record by Devil in Me will be released and you should hear what the “trinity” of hardcore had to say about this record! We played Freddy “Madball” Cricien, Jordan Posner from Terror und Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid every song from SOUL REBEL and asked them what they thought of it. 53 years of hardcore experience can’t be wrong, right?


Freddy Cricien (Madball): Devil in Me is one of my favorite bands to come out in recent times. They have great songs, stage presence, they’re credible individuals and have their own unique way of interpreting Hardcore. Break The Chain is a strong opening song, melodic yet hard. If you haven’t heard this band now your curiosity has been tapped…

Jordan Posner (Terror): An energetic opener that reminds me of hardcore bands like Cro-Mags, Judge and Strife. A very fun and unrelenting song, with a hint of melody in the chorus. The Cro Mags vibe continues into the breakdown with a great melodic climax of cool vocal harmonies!

Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid): Yes, it’s definitely unique and showcases the driving but melodic “rock” elements that will carry on throughout the rest of the album while they still stay true to the NYHC sound that they have always done.


Freddy Cricien (Madball): What a great title track, very catchy. I like the title and concept in general and can relate to the sentiment behind the “‘Soul Rebel ” theme, it’s also a cool nod to a legendary artist (note: Bob Marley)… I dig how they made this concept work in a hardcore format – it actually makes a lot of sense.


Freddy Cricien (Madball): By this point you’re definitely going to remember the name of this band…haha. Another solid track with very hard breakdowns but i personally dig the pic work throughout the track. Metallic in that tasteful hardcore way…you know?!


Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid): Great collab with the Biohazard guys. Who does the solo? It’s dope. This is one of the hardest songs on the album and bounciest, which they have always been great with.

Freddy Cricien (Madball): What I dig is, it’s still very much Devil In Me, but it’s them paying respect to a band that was influential to them growing up. Cool track!


Freddy Cricien (Madball): Knowledge Is Power – This a track that people have heard by now, if you haven’t go check that shit out! The video is super cool and the hook is signature Devil In Me. The melody tastefully compliments the music…it’s not forced like some things you hear out there these days. Strong strong track.

Jordan Posner (Terror): Kinda like later era Cro Mags and then busts into a chorus that is reminiscent of Comeback Kid or Propagandhi. From there, you’re lead into a bridge section that you swear you could find on a Rage Against The Machine or Downset record!


Jordan Posner (Terror): Later Agnostic Front meets Comeback Kid with Freddy Madball on guest vocals. Very cool to hear Freddy singing over some more melodic guitar riffing again that will for sure catch any Hazen St. fan’s ears!

Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid): Honest, sincere punk hardcore on this one.

Freddy Cricien (Madball): My favorite song! Haha just kidding! But it is a really cool track though and considering where and how we recorded it, it came out amazing: We were on Rebellion Tour and did this in the basement bathroom of some club…that’s harcore! I was happy they chose this track for me to guest on, I dig the vocal patterns, lyrics, the overall vibe. I’m guessing we’ll be doing a video for this at some point.


Jordan Posner (Terror): One of the standout songs for sure! This track changes the pace of the album with a very rock’n’roll and dare I say radio rock/nu metal feel to it. It compromises well with the straight up no bullshit mosh part. I love the primal arena rock hook of the chorus, I WAS BORN TO BATTTTTTTTLLLLLEEEE!


Freddy Cricien (Madball): I really like this song. Dig the metallic riffing, but its still very HC overall. I like what Poli is doing vocally throughout this track. Nice one!

Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid): Good gang vocals on this one, could be one of the best ones live.


Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid): This one caught me right off the bat as probably my favourite on the record. “Cut the chord and let it choke” ( is that the line ?) sounds so fucking cool over the double picking single guitars. Big big chorus and the extra flavour on the song is what makes me love it so much.


Freddy Cricien (Madball): It could have easily been higher up on the track listing – but I know how hard of a task that is. Things have a flow and something has to go towards the end. Point is, the whole album is on point so it really doesn’t matter what number it is.


Freddy Cricien (Madball): Great strong ending track. Overall, the record left an impression on me and I’m very proud of these guys. These guys are dear friends of mine, but I genuinely love and respect what they do musically and what they bring to the table in regards to our “culture”. Soul Rebel !!!

Jordan Posner (Terror): Devil In Me keep it true to the old NYHC sound but it’s the chances they take with throwing a little something on top of that sound that really caught my attention. It’s really exciting to see a band do it right when it comes to writing some solid jams that make up a great album and keeps the listener eager to hear what the next song will bring.

Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid): I think “Soul Rebel” is Devil In Me’s best sounding album yet. I love their back catalogue but you can tell they have come a long way with their song writing and performance since “The End”. One of my favourite HC/ Punk bands and I’m excited to finally hear the record.

Sounds like Devil In Me will achieve something big with their new record. Soul Rebel comes out November 20th – and then you can see if Andrew, Jordan and Freddy were right with their opinion!