Hundredth new album

Hundredth Debut New Sound With New Song ‘Neurotic’

Wasn’t the change in direction we were expecting but we like it nonetheless!

The new track titled ‘Neurotic’ is taken from Hundredth‘s upcoming new EP RARE which is set to come out this coming June (16th to be precise). So if you like what you hear below, be sure to get yourself a pre-order sorted.

Naturally a lot of people are drawing comparison’s to the likes of Balance And Composure – Hey, we don’t see nothing wrong with that. We welcome the change in sound, bravo Hundredth… do what you love ay. Whilst they may no longer sound like the FREE version you loved, if this chilled out vibe they’re giving off is still your thing then don’t hold back the love we say! We’ll leave you with the words of one particular comment on the Youtube video…

“Artists don’t owe fans a goddamn thing when it comes to their artistic decisions. they aren’t betraying anyone by changing their sound. they are putting out the art into the world that THEY want to. this is hundredth because they chose to write and produce this art. you can either listen to it, or not. that’s your choice. you don’t have to like some art. that’s fair. but let’s respect artistic decisions and appreciate what we personally enjoy.”