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We Asked Hundredth Questions Based Off Of Your “Hate Comments”

Despite what some people’s reactions may be to their new sound, the band seem happier than ever…

Since they dropped the first song taken from their forthcoming album RARE, Hundredth have unsurprisingly received some negative feedback when it comes to the undeniable shift in their sound. Having released melodic hardcore albums up until this point in their career, on their latest songs you’ll hear no ounce of this. The band have also been pretty open in interviews when it comes to the fondness of their older material, saying none of them “really liked the music” they were playing.

Whilst many will have reservations about Hundredth’s decision to create an entirely new sound (with RARE featuring no screaming), the band seem to be truly happy with what they’re now producing. We thought we’d ask them a few questions based off of some of the “hate comments” (so to speak) that we came across on their social media….


1. “Listens to Turnover & Balance and Composure once” 

Q: Were those bands also an influence when it came to the new record? You listed a lot of older bands (The Smiths, Joy Division) as big influences in a Spotify Playlist recently, but are there any newer acts you take inspiration from?

We have heard of those bands and they are great at what they do, but they were not influences for our record at all. I feel like RARE is a lot heavier and has a completely different feel overall than the progression of both of those bands. It’s mainly people who aren’t familiar with any of the classic bands that influence us that will make that comparison. Mostly because that’s the only band that they really know inside of that world, so they immediately make that comparison and don’t dig any deeper. 

We progressed from “hardcore world”. Those bands progressed from “pop-punk world”. I feel like remnants of each world remain with each band. That obviously gives us more of a “bite” musically. I think it’s because that is what we are familiar with and that is what we go to instinctively.


2. “Are you going to stop playing the heavy stuff live now?”

Q: Are you? 

Yes, we are only going to be playing songs from RARE from now on. We feel like it’s what we have to do. We made an announcement before our last EU/UK tour that we would not be playing any old songs for a long time & we meant it 🙂

So say goodbye to this…


3. “I just can’t dig this… If you wanna change your sound a bit that can be a good thing, but don’t do a 180° and expect fans to be excited about it. That’s what side projects are for.”

Q: What’s your opinion on that attitude? As in the recent past we’ve seen that “old school fans” from other bands were often pretty harsh about such experiments in their sounds…

Truthfully, my opinion on that is “see ya”. We have toured the world playing the same style of music for 8 years now. Pretty much non-stop. We have poured everything we have into building this band. We started from nothing & were given zero handouts. Why would we take all that we built and just throw it away and restart with the same exact people? We have always been vocal about progression and pushing the limits of what we can create, both musically & aesthetically. This is just our next chapter. If you don’t like where the train is going, go ahead and step off. We really don’t care. 


4. “I hope you guys make a ska album next :D”

Q: Is this sound the “new Hundredth”? Or can we expect any further shifts in direction in the future?

Haha! — I would say this sound is the “new Hundredth”. I think the whole album is pretty versatile and goes in a couple different directions. Where we will take that on the next record, I don’t really know what the future will hold, but I do know we won’t be turning back.  

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5. “This kind of dramatic change in direction could have gone disastrously wrong but I am absolutely loving this and can’t wait to hear more” 

Q: Can you tell me how you felt on April 26th, when you officially released your single ‘Neurotic’ as you were waiting for the first reviews from  fans? Were you afraid of the reaction? 

It was pretty thrilling to be honest. Just to see what was going to happen. Our intention with RARE was to make what we wanted to hear and we were confident in the fact that we liked the record and that we were proud of the material. That was all that mattered. But we had also been joking with each other for months about it completely tanking and not a lot of people really getting it. I guess that’s just what naturally happens when you throw 4 chronically self-aware dudes inside of a studio for 6 weeks. We start joking about self-destructing and everything crumbling. However, we were met with an insanely positive reaction and a lot of open-mindedness from our fan-base and we appreciate that. 


6. “Man. Can’t get into this at all. Ya’ll should change your name” 

Q: Did you think about that step? Since two other bands (Capture the Crown, Burning Down Alaska) also recently changed their name apparently because of that reason…

I’m not familiar with either of those bands, but we did briefly have that thought. We figured since we have always prided ourselves on progression, keeping our name would really be more in-line with what we are about. 


7. “Big respect to the band for taking the risk of changing their sound drastically and nailing it!”

Q: Did you plan to make this change or did it just turn out like this while writing the songs? 

We just knew we wanted to make something different. We knew it was going to be a big departure, because we were truly dissatisfied churning out the same style of record over & over. We wanted to make something more in line with our deeper musical influences. Something that we really wanted to listen to and that we could really vibe to. So we went into RARE with zero sonic boundaries and were never thinking about what anyone would say or think about it. We relied solely on instinct and just went confidently in the direction that felt right. RARE is the record that that we always wanted to make, but we weren’t ready to risk it all until now.