UK Warehouse

Impericon now shipping from UK warehouse

With the Christmas gifts exchanged, the chocolates almost gone and the feet no longer up on the couch we’re already dusting off the holiday season and moving head first into a brand new year. With a new year comes new projects and developments for Impericon.

It’s with great excitement and anticipation that we can announce that as of this month we will begin to ship some orders from our warehouse in the United Kingdom. At present all packages are shipped from our central European hub in Leipzig, Germany but from this week we will begin the process of starting to ship orders from our new warehouse with our eventual aim to fulfil 80% of orders directly in the UK.

You, the customer are at the core of our business and with that we are always looking for ways that we can improve on the outstanding service we provide you with when you shop with us and this expansion will definitely do that. Our current delivery times of 3-5 business days will be reduced to just 2-3 business days.

To begin with there will be a limited range of products available for UK dispatch and these will be marked on the store with ‘Shipping From The UK’ in the Product info. The range will be expanded and added to over time.

On the expansion Paul Towers, Impericon Business Developer for the UK commented:
‘We’ve made great progress over the last 5 years since we launched in the UK and it is with great excitement that we are about to take our biggest step yet with the opening of a new fulfilment hub. Not only does this allow us to be closer to our customers, it enables us to provide faster handling and shipping which in turn will result in an increased level of service. When fully operational it’s our aim to provide a 2-3 day delivery for 80% of all orders. The main focus for online consumers is receiving their products quickly and efficiently, and being able to improve handling and delivery timescales allows us to further enhance our customers experience.’

Michael Kronberger, Head Of Customer Service
Impericon UK is taking the next step and we are very happy to announce the opening of our fulfillment warehouse in the UK as part of our growing focus on the international market. With a delivery time of 2 – 3 days we will now be able to provide orders faster which rounds up our outstanding service. Fast deliveries are the main focus for online customers and with this step we will surely meet the expectations of our customers in the UK.

To celebrate this great news we are offering free shipping for UK customers between the 12th – 18th January. Simply use the code ‘nowshippingfromuk’ at the checkout!