Lorna Shore

Interview: Lorna Shore On Upcoming Never Say Die! Tour, 2017 Being Their Year, What’s Next

Photo credit: Trevor Sweeney

As the colder nights have begun, this means we’re slowly but surely creeping closer to this year’s Never Say Die! tour – With Emmure, Deez Nuts, Chelsea Grin, Kublai Khan, Sworn In, Polaris & Lorna Shore, we’re definately pit-ready.

Having released their second studio album FLESH COFFIN back in February, the deathcore four-piece (Lorna Shore) are forever touring, sharing stages with the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon to Carnifex. We’re glad we got a moment with guitar player Adam De Micco ahead of the November NSD antics..

Have a quick read of what he had to say…


1. A lot of people on our social media were REALLY excited to hear about you playing Never Say Die! this year – What’s your reaction on being the “hope of deathcore” and the “secret headliner” of the tour for many fans?

We have never heard of that title so that is very awesome to hear.  I think it’s really awesome people see our band in that way because we normally don’t.  We are always excited to push the band and it’s great to see that the fan base is reacting to where we are pushing it.  We just want to grow our band to be the biggest it can possibly be.  We do feel that going to Europe does help us with that growth.


2.  Why do you think that 2017 has been such a successful year for your band? 

We released our album, which reached the billboard charts.  Something that we didn’t think was possible.  Did our first headline tour. Also got to support some awesome bands like The Black Dahlia Murder and Dying Fetus on this years Summer Slaughter Tour.  As well as finally making our way overseas and doing this years Never Say Die tour.  I would say this year is a success.


3. It seems that deathcore is evolving and many sub-genres are growing – What’s your opinion on the change of deathcore during recent years? 

I think it’s evolving as any genre should.  What deathcore use to be to what it is considered now is a lot better in my opinion.  I think the standard across the board is so much higher then what it was


4. The pressure after releasing such a highly praised album as FLESH COFFIN must be pretty strong – What’s happening in the next chapter of Lorna Shore? 

I think tour the album as much as possible.  Since the release of the album Flesh Coffin did so well there is some pressure so we are starting to work on new material way earlier than we need to so we can exceed any expectation of this band.

nsd lorna shore

5. Are there any particular bands on the NSD-line up that you’re looking forward to seeing?

We are looking forward to watching all the bands on this years line up.  Its bands we normally don’t get to tour with and are bands we normally listen to in the van when we are on tour.  We are really looking forward to seeing Emmure they are an entertaining band to watch every time we get to see them.  Also really looking forward to watching Kublai Khan every night.


6. What should people expect from your set at Never Say Die? 

Our set should include songs for both old and new fans.  We want to give a little to fans who have supported us since the beginning and since it is our first time over we do want to play some older songs. Like normal Lorna Shore fashion we always play more of our current album FLESH COFFIN so fans will get both the old and new in our set.




Photo credit: Trevor Sweeney