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Terror’s Scott Vogel: “Set the trends with actions from your heart. Don’t play the flavor of the day and dress to fit in”

Listen to the Terror frontman, he knows what he’s talking about…

If you weren’t aware of Terror‘s Scott Vogel already, this is a man like many within the hardcore scene that have the utmost passion for their craft – It’s therefore a given that when it comes to their music, live shows etc that Vogel and co. incite that fire in their fans. Terror have been around for 15 years and to be honest that’s really not surprising when you consider the fact that this band are STILL having so much fun so many years later.

Their new EP THE WALLS WILL FALL is out this coming April, so we naturally had to have a quick catch up with Scott about all the new music to his top 3 hardcore albums he’d recommend to a newbie to the genre…


It’s been 15 years, six studio albums and now this new EP  THE WALLS WILL FALL; What’s kept Terror going as a band and why do you think your music has stood the test of time?

I think we are still here ’cause we still are having fun as a band. You gotta enjoy this shit or you’ll have no soul left. We still feel like we are making music that moves people. I still have things to say lyrically and importantly we still love and believe in this movement. We all still love going to shows and seeing new bands. I think that’s why we’ve stood the test of time. We’ve remained humble in the best of times and were always comfortable being a hardcore band. nothing more and nothing less.


What’s the reasoning behind releasing an EP instead of another full album?

We wanted to do an EP on Triple B Records. Its as simple as that. After completing our agreement with Century Media we were free to do what we wanted so of course we are going to release a 7 inch with a hardcore label. Just like we did with the RHYTHM AMONGST THE CHAOS EP we did back years ago on Reaper right when we finished the Trustkill deal.



You’ve covered ‘Step To You’ by Madball on the EP. What made you choose that band/song?

Madball are one of the best to ever do it – One band that everyone in Terror loves on and off the stage. We thought it would be cool to re do one of their older songs , I believe they never play. It’s a great track and a tip of the cap to one of the greats.


What kind of sound can we expect from this release? Are you trying anything new? Or just doing what Terror does best?

Yeah man Terror are pretty set in our ways and sound,  so I don’t think there will ever be a huge 180  in our style but also we grow and elevate. We try new things and sometimes those are the best elements of a Terror song. Keeping things fresh is needed. We are proud to be that band you can always count on to always a dosage of aggressive HC in your face.  I think there’s a beauty in that.


You’ve been involved with hardcore for a very long time. The landscape of music in general has changed a lot in that time. Are you the kind of guy who looks back and wishes it were still the same? Or do you embrace change?

 I think a little bit of both. There are things I miss about the past and how things were back when I first found hardcore and I think that’s with everybody. When something is so new and exciting to your life it’s going to find a special place in your heart, but i’m not lost in the past or bitter with today.  HC is in a great place with amazing bands and scenes in 2017 and I look forward to the future as well.


You’ve worked with various labels over the years including Victory, Century Media, Reaper to name a few – This release is coming out on Triple B Records / Pure Noise Records, how did that come about?

When we were done with our deal with Century Media / Victory , Pure Noise was the label we wanted to be on without a doubt. Bridge 9 was the only other label I talked to cause I really like Chris & what he does, so we made things happen quick with Pure Noise and he was cool enough to let us do our vinyl with Triple B, which is something we have always done, making sure our LPs are releases on a purely HC label.


If you wanted to introduce someone to hardcore., Which 3 records would you tell them to listen to and why?

Agnostic Front – VICTIM IN PAIN 

Agnostic Front - Terror
This is the record that truly  pulled me into the scene and it’s still as relevant and real lyrically as ever. The energy and vibe of this record is the essence of HC.


Gorilla biscuits – START TODAY

This record shows that hardcore is way more then just anger and aggression and screaming and rage. This is melodic and fun, has singing and maybe makes you even smile. It’s still simple and just as urgent but completely hits you from a different angle.


No Warning – ILL BLOOD.

no warning - terror

Hardcore is an international thing. Hardcore beyond 1989 matters! This record moved me big time and I think its the best HC LP since Hatebreed came out making music. This also shows that anyone can make a masterpiece. Just some young kids from Canada “got it” and made some magic.


You’ve toured all over the world but most extensively in Europe and the USA. Are the shows/audiences different and how so?

More and more it seems things are becoming the same all over the world. The style of dress. The sounds of bands and trends that come and go. With the power and reach of the internet the whole world sees what’s happening instantly which I don’t know if I’m crazy about to be honest. A lot of the individuality is lost. Different parts of the world having their own sound is gone. Trends get jumped on faster then ever and sheep can feed fast. I mean everywhere we go does have their differences for sure , but more then ever things are similar across the board. I encourage everyone to set the trends with actions from your heart. Don’t play the flavor of the day and dress to fit in.

Thanks to Scott for the interview, be sure to pre-order your copy of Terror‘s THE WALLS WILL FALL online now!