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Interview w/ Craig Mabbit (Escape The Fate): Hate, New Album, Mental Health

Here’s what Escape The Fate’s Craig Mabbit had to say…

March 30th will see Escape The Fate release their 6th album and one that follows just over two years since HATE ME (‘Just A Memory,’ ‘Remember Every Scar’).  We took a moment to ask frontman Craig about the new record, along with touching on mental health  – Have a read…


I listened to the songs you’ve previously released and feel like the lyrics come from a “darker” place this time in comparison to previous albums. Is this just a feeling I get or is there a general darker “theme” on the record (with many songs about broken hearts and being alone)?

Definitely a darker tone, every album is written from personal experiences between each record, and damn have the last few years been crazy! Haha



THIS WAR IS OURS was released ten years ago (Oct 2008) – In comparison to today, how have you and the band changed as people?

I would say personally, I’ve matured in many ways, developed more patience for certain things and developed respect and understanding for other things, but that’s the goal of growing older isn’t it? 


You played with Shields in London (Feb 9th) who lost a band member to suicide just shortly before that gig. Can you tell us how that felt for you and how it maybe changed how you experienced the show?

That show was intense, you could feel the emotion so much that it literally drove me to tears, that’s the power of music and I’m so saddened by their loss but so happy I got to share that moment. I wish those guys nothing but the best, and to anyone who’s dealing with their own personal demons, please, hold on. 


In an interview with ROCKSOUND, you said that there are still a lot of judgmental people that have strong opinions about your band and the music. Are there moments when this affects you? Or have you just got used to it over the years?

You definitely get used to it but man is it tiring, you pour your heart, soul, and time into something just to have it dissected by people who don’t understand. That’s the world we love in today though and I guess in a way it’s one we’ve always lived in. Just gotta keep moving forward.


Escape The Fate I AM HUMAN

Your album cover is of a scale with a heart on the left and a brain on the right – In the end, which side weighs heavier for you and “wins”?

That’s the whole point of the art, that’s what we as humans and individuals battle with on a daily basis, what does the heart want? What’s more logical? In the end it’s really up to you to decide, me? It’s always been the heart but I’m working on changing that.


What message would you give to your fans who also struggle with mental health problems: What would you tell them?

I would like to say that you are not alone, far from alone, I too have dealt and still deal with mental issues, the best thing you can do for yourself is be open about it, talk about it, get that weight off your chest so you can breathe. It’s ok to not talk about it all, hell, there’s things people still don’t know I’ve went through, not even my own family, and that’s ok, talk about what you can and take every single day as an opportunity to grow and become better, for you and for the people who might need your advice in the future, we’re in this together. ️


Thanks to Craig Mabbit for taking the time to answer these questions! You can pre-order your copy of Escape The Fate’s upcoming album I AM HUMAN right here —> Shop