Interview W/ Jesse (STYG): Why There’s Not Going To Be A Donald Trump Inspired Song On ‘True View’

TRUE VIEW is set for release October 13th – Our body is ready

We’ve just hit the two week mark until the next Stick To Your Guns album will finally be released! We had a chat on the phone with the lovely Jesse regarding all things TRUE VIEW as he explains his reasons for no guest vocals on the release, the fact his mum has an “appearance” on the record as well as why we shouldn’t be expecting a Donald Trump inspired song either…

So the release is just weeks away – What are you guys doing at the moment? 

Currently I am going through my emails and  I just finished breakfast. Yeah, we’re getting prepared, we have some record release shows that are going to happen. We’re doing three in Canada, one on the east coast in New York and  four on the West Coast.

And then afterwards you’re going back to Europe to play some shows here?


And what’re your feelings right now ahead of the release? Because I guess it’s pretty exciting to have the record finished and now you have to wait the date to roll around… 

Yeah of course. Right now I am in a stage of being nervous, as I hope people will like the songs. Because here is how I look at this thing called Stick To Your Guns: It started when I was about 15, 16 years old and then I dropped outa highschool to do this band and it all seems someday like… it shouldn’t have just happened, you know what I mean? I feel very lucky and so every single release I am like okay, this is it, that’s it, like noone’s gonna give a shit about this record – and that’s okay because I shouldn’t have been allowed to have the life that I have right now. So if it ends tomorrow, I am happy.

But I don’t think you’re in danger of that happening with the release of TRUE VIEW: The reaction especially to the first song was very very positive, people compared the sound to your first record FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH. And what a lot of people want to know: Is the rest of the record similar to that heavy song? 

There are definitely some heavier aspects on this record, like on the older material. But at the same time there is still a lot of singing, a lot of melody like on the newer Stick To Your Guns shit. I think we’re doing a pretty good job of mixing our newer and our older world together on this record.

And will there also be a softer song like “Left you behind” on the last record? 

Not THAT soft, but definitely there are songs, one is called ‘56′ and one is called ‘The Reach for Me: Forgiveness of Self’. Those are the two that are kind of like ‘The Crown“’ very important songs to me.

So I think the cover artwork for TRUE VIEW is actually different from the last records. Can you explain to me the background behind it?

Donny is the artist who did it, he is a really good friend of mine and used to play in a band called The Warriors. I loved that band growing up. That guy Donnie actually did some art for an old band of mine and also my other band Trade Wind, so he’s always been involved in my artwork world, he also did the DISOBEDIENT cover. But for this record, if you look at the cover, there are like all the songs going around that cover. And I sat with him and told him what the song is about. And he took all of that information and gave it a visual aspect. The record is kind of about understanding your true potential and your true vision of who you are. And I think that Donnie did an awesome job at visualizing that.

Yeah it looks amazing. So I actually have two questions from our Facebook fans: One wants to know if you also have a song about Trump, since every US release right now seems to cover that topic in one way or another. 

It’s a very good, very very great question. There is not – and we made that on purpose. And I think that people will be surprised because the record is not so political or social. Of course there are politcally or socially driven songs. There is a song called ‘Through the chain link’ and one called ‘Cave canem’, but for the most part TRUE VIEW is a very self reflected record. And I wanted to do it that way because by the time the record is out the amount of “Fuck Donald Trump” songs we, the scene, is gonna have – we don’t need to write another one, you know, we have enough of those. We wanted to offer the hardcore, metalcore and punk scene a different aspect. Because as much as we might all hate Donald Trump and this nationalism movement happening all over the world – we as individual people will not change anything until we’re secure and confident enough in ourselves and each other. That is the first step and that is what this record is about: You want to change the world but you can’t even change yourself first. I had a lot of guilt because I would get on stage every night and talk about revolution, talk about change in the world and all of those really great sounding things. And at the same time I was depressed, I was really going through a lot of shit. And I just felt fake. Like what am I gonna do, I can’t even take care of myself, how am I gonna be able to change the world? This record and writing the songs was great for me because it was important for me to get back to a place where I felt confident in myself again.

Stick To Your Guns Jesse

Beautifully said… another question that reached us from one of our Facebook users: Will there be guest vocals again, like you had Scott Vogel on the last record? 

We decided to do no guest vocals on this record. Josh will sing some parts and Chris will sing some parts – but I would not call that guest vocals. We talked about it, we were like, “Cool, who should we have on this record?”, because it’s always fun for us and also the fan, when you’re listening to a song and the vocalist from another band comes in. But the songs were so personal to me that it didn’t feel right to give anyone else the lyrics to sing – like does that make sense?

They are YOUR songs. 

Exactly. Like whether it’s about me and my mom or the relationship with my father or whoever – These songs are really personal to me and if someone else came to sing it I don’t know if I felt right about it. So that’s why decided not to include guest vocals.

So actually I have one more question for you: Can you share which off the record is your favourite song and why? 

I’d say ‘3 Feet From Peace’ which is also the first track on the record. The whole record opens up with this voice mail that my mother left me when I was going through all the shit that I was going through. And she said: “You have to figure this out, you have to do this. You can take all the advice from the world, your friends, your family, but in the end you’re going to have to face and handle this on your own. And I am confident that you have the strength to do that.” To hear my mother’s voice on our record is very important to me. Her message had a huge effect on me, so I wrote a song about that.

And what did your mom say when she heard that she had an “appearance” on your record? 

(laughs) Haha, well she didn’t know, I send the record to my brother. And he told my mom and she just called me crying.

Well Jesse, thank you for answering my questions – we’ll see you in December on tour.