Caleb Shomo

Interview With Caleb Shomo: Talking All Things ‘Disease’

DISEASE will be released September 28th

Whilst the build up to announcing the details of Beartooth‘s third studio album was swiftly taken off course back in July thanks to their song ‘Infection’ leaking on Reddit, the way the band handled it and have proceeded to build excitement for DISEASE has been great. With just over two weeks to go before it’s out officially in the world, we wanted to ask frontman Caleb  what we should be expecting besides what we’ve already heard from said release…


Caleb, two weeks until the release – how are you spending your time at the moment?

Just soaking in time at home, playing golf, spending time with the wife, doing a whole lot of nothing and just trying to soak in the time at home while I can.


Okay, so bands like Parkway Drive or Bring Me The Horizon have gone through some huge sound changes with some backlash from fans. What’s your opinion on this and were you ever afraid that something similar would happen to you?

I think every band needs to progress. If you just put out the same record over and over it gets a little bit boring. You kind of have to grow with your fans and keep having changes and having cool stuff, so I definitely support it. Yeah I  mean I guess sometimes I get worried about what people are gonna think about material but I think that just happens in general, whatever record is being made. I just trying to focus on making a good album.


So how is DISEASE different from your other records in terms of the creation process and also the way it sounds?

I’d say the biggest difference in the process was recording at the studios I recorded at. I usually do all the writing and recording in my basement’s studio but for this record I did a lot of the writing in various studios around the world and it was all tracked in a place called “Black Bird” in Nashville which is very top of the line and had every option that I could possibly think of. I think that made the sound of it probably a bit more raw and a bit more real and that’s what I was going for.



What was your inspiration for the record? I mean other bands, places, books etc...

The inspiration usually just comes from whatever emotions I am feeling at the moment. I just kind of write the songs off of that and it just kind of keeps me honest and keeps things moving forward. But I definitely took inspiration from the places that I went to, being in Japan, New York, L.A. and Nashville, each of those places brought their own emotion and their own sound to the table. Oh and then I was listening to a lot of AC/DC.

Talking about other bands – what acts are you really into at the moment? 

A band called Loathe, we toured with briefly in Europe. They were really cool, just really heavy and really good riffs. I am a big fan, everyone should go check them out.


What’s your favourite song from DISEASE and why?

That is very hard to say but I would say at the moment it’s ‘Fire’. It’s just fast and loose and I don’t know, it’s just a straight forward rock’n’roll ripper and I am enjoying that at the moment.


Beartooth Caleb Shomo


When we asked our community what they wanted to know from you, many wanted to know the story behind the album title…

Really it just is what I felt was the best thing to sum up what I wanted to get across and for me when I came up with the title it was out of just being very very depressed and kind of at the end of a rope and that was very difficult. I just had a really bad episode over in Europe on a tour and I just sat down and wrote the word “disease” on my phone and decided that this is gonna be the title of the record. And the record was gonna be about discovering why I feel this way and how to deal with it.


You said that DISEASE was your masterpiece – Won’t that make the creation of the next record even more difficult if not impossible?

Yeah I mean realistically I am glad we’re gonna hopefully tour on this record for quite some time and then whenever it comes around I am gonna take a lot of time to make sure it’s perfect. But for me when I say it’s my masterpiece I more so mean that I just know that I put a 110% into it and every little piece from start to finish I am very very happy with and that rarely ever happens on a record – at least for me. So