Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri On The Hate – “It just comes with the territory for me. …It has only pushed me harder.”

Frankie answers your questions!

From dealing with the hate that comes his way to the best metal album of the decade so far, recently we asked for your questions to put to Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri and well… here’s your answers…


Mortal Kombat, Tekken or Street Fighter?
Street Fighter. I do enjoy Tekken thought and I only recently started to appreciate Mortal Kombat as a spectator.


Who are your favorite vocalists that inspire you? 
There are a lot of people that should make this list. My biggest influences would easily be Fred Durst and Jonathan Davis. I’m also a really big Mike Patton fan..


Frankie, if you weren’t a video game nerd what would you write lyrics about?
Your mom.


As a gig-goer yourself, what was the first ever show you went to? 
My very first show was One King Down , SkyCameFalling , One4One and Cipher. I was about 11 or 12.


I know that Emmure is French for a form of torture, but what inspired the name, and what does it mean to you and the band? 
Woah, the big million dollar question. Well, in the early stages of the band, most of the members would turn to me for a ideas on what to name things, like the band name for example. I kinda had to wind it down to a few choices and kinda hope that I could finally get them to agree with me on at least one , it usually ended up being the one I considered to be the least appealing. So, EMMURE being the band name is sort of a accident. It has no special meaning to me or any real correlation to the bands musical or lyrical themes.


Emmure comp
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When did you first realise music is what you wanted to do? 
I had come back from my very first show and I was so in love with the entire experience. I kinda never looked back.


In high school, what were your go-to bands that you listened to? 
I have distinct memories of heavy Poison The Well and Atreyu playlists.


How long can you growl for without stopping? 
Haha. So far its been 16 years straight, if you count’ days off. But at one sitting? I have no idea.


How do you deal with all the hate that comes your way? Do you just ignore it and do your thing or have you ever felt like quitting because of it? 
Truth be told I have always been hated on. So, it just comes with the territory for me. Would it ever make me quit? No way. It has only pushed me harder.


Do you like that people consider Emmure as a deathcore band? 
I don’t like or dislike that people label us. I don’t think we are band defined by a particular genre. We encompass all facets of aggressive music.


Do you rather tour with deathcore bands or you prefer touring with bands that belong to different sub-genres? 
I’ll tour with anyone. What is important to me and what enjoy most, is playing to new people so I can share my music with as many listeners as possible.


How many times has a breakup inspired a song dedication? 
Haha. Too many!


What is the best metal album of this decade so far?
Of the decade? Damn. This really puts me on the spot. I need to pick something REAL good.  I’ve always been a big fan of the It Dies Today – Sirens LP.


Thanks to Frankie for his time in answering these questions! Will we see you at one of the Never Say Die! shows?
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